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Cedarfurnitureman homemade shaving soap

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I have been using shaving creams,shaving soaps and brushes for almost 9 years now(unfortunately for me I haven't used DEs until 4 months ago).I have tried plenty of creams and soaps.I have tried soaps from places that I didn't even know that they exist,soaps from the most famous soap makers,plenty of homemade soaps(one they're were just good,others not even close)and I thought that nothing could be better than my beloved Tabac shaving soap,and La Toja and Speick shaving sticks...until last week when I tried this outstanding soap made by cedarfurniturimen(the name that they use on the bay).This soap is made from an old family recipe(as they advise) and works so amazing!But lets go to the review:

Price:is hard to beat.The 3 oz bar cost 6.50 dollars(4.90 euros).I have to paid almost 17 euros for Tabac (yes,I know,Tabac comes on a nice good looking jar) and like 4 euros for La Toja shaving stick,so I find this price really cheap for the quality of the soap.

Quality:as I have said before:eek:utstanding.Its even better than Tabac,La Toja or Speick(and I swear on those 3)This soap is simply made with the best ingredients like olive oil,shea butter,coconut oil,goats milk,bentonite clay and so forth.I was skeptical about the olive oil on it( I have tried so many olive oil based soaps with terrible results)but in this one is added as a compliment for a better sliding effect.

Scent:its a nice,clean,old fashion scent.I love spicy scents and I would love this soap to smell like La Toja or Speick.However is perfect for summer days.
Hope that Quinton and Laney could work on a spicy version of this soap

Lather:eek:nce again beats my favorite soaps.I have tried this soap with 3 different brushes,a Kent BK8, a Omega silvertip and a horse hair shaving brush and with all of them I have made a rich,thick lather.Its a little bit thicker than La Toja or Speick but as thick as Tabac(and we know thick could be the lather made from Tabac).

Efficacy:Great!works so perfect for my skin.The first time that I shaved with it had the feeling that I was passing a knife over ice.Have to experience it to know what Im talking about.

Moisturizing:another 10!Leaves my skin fresh and moisturize.When I apply my favorite after shave,Floid Vigoroso,I only feel the tingling effect of the menthol but not the burning sensation of the alcohol(and Floid is full of it=)

If I would have to choose an everyday soap this would be the one without hesitation.Thanks goodness that I don't have to do that and I will use my beloved Tabac and La Toja.This soap is worth a try and I know that is not gonna disappoint anybody.
I just wanna say thank you to Quinton and Laney for their wonderful soap and for the service that they give to all their customers +10!

If you have any comments to make don't do it here but on this thread:

Greetings to all!

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SlagleRock;1188046 said:
How accurate are these reviews? 97% average!?!?! :confused: Anyone else find it odd that a 97% is better than the famed Tabac or any of the big 3 T's?

79% is the member average. 97% is the first reviewers average.
SlagleRock;1188046 said:
better than the famed Tabac or any of the big 3 T's?

How accurate are these reviews? 97% average!?!?! :confused: Anyone else find it odd that a 97% is better than the famed Tabac or any of the big 3 T's?

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