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Bush Pilot Shaving Cream

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Price: Paid $12.50 for 4oz from Lee's Razors (Rank: B)

Presentation: Cream comes packaged in a heavy cardboard box and metal dispense tube with black plastic cap. (Rank: A)

Ingredients: All natural formulation including aloe and witch hazel. (Rank: A)

Scent: The "mountain fresh" scent is light, clean and non-offensive. To my nose, I would say its similar to Palmolive Classic or the like. (Rank: B)

Latherability: The cream really struggled in this category. When both face lathering and bowl lathering, I had difficulty developing a lather with an acceptable amount of cushion. Also, the lather was very unstable and dissipated on the face rather quickly. (Rank: D)

Slickness: Although the cream definitely has lather issues, the lather I was able to create provide an acceptable amount of glide/slickness. It is definitely not the slickest of creams, but seemed to do its job in preventing razor burn. (Rank: C)

Smoothness: Bush Pilot provided me with an acceptably smooth shave with a bit more effort compared to other creams at this price point due to its previously mentioned latherability issues. (Rank: B)

Moisturizing: Compared to other creams at this price point, Bush Pilot left my face feeling a bit dry (though not overly so). (Rank: C)

Post-Shave Irritation: Feedback from my usual splash of Thayer's WH aftershave revealed perhaps a bit more so than I am accustomed to. (Rank: B)

Razor used for testing: Weber PH
Blade used for testing: Polsilver Brown Box
Brush used for testing: Simpsons Major
Water Hardness: .99-1.46 grains/gal

The Bottom Line: Bush Pilot All Natural Shaving Cream is an average performer at best. Bush Pilot's manufacturer seems to have taken the following approach: use an above average marketing campaign (novel name, good website, and attractive product packaging) to sell a mediocre shaving cream.

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