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Biotique Bio Palmyra Shaving Cream

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first review on Badger&Blade. Recently, I bought this shaving cream and was so impressed by its performance, that I decided to review it here.

Prior to shaving, I soaked my shaving brush in warm water for sometime to soften it and also washed my beard with some warm water. Then I put a little pea size amount of shaving cream in a bowl, shook the brush three to four times to get rid of the excess water, and then started lathering. In about a minute or two, I had peaks on my brush. Blimey, what a fantastic lather it was - Slick and creamy! It has a mild scent, sort of green apple, but nothing overpowering. It smells so fresh that I could've tasted it. I applied the lather on my face and used my 'Merkur 34c HD' razor with a 'Wilkinson Sword' blade in it. The cream provided good cushioning. I did a usual 3-pass shave. Post-shave, my skin felt smooth, soft and moisturised.

I have tried many Indian shaving creams and gels, but this one is outstanding. To sum up my experience, I would say that this is a truly excellent shaving cream and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for reading! 😊

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