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D. R. Harris Arlington Aftershave is made by the renowned company of D. R. Harris, a brand which without doubt can compare to the three Ts. This review is about the splash type of aftershave - there is also a 'Milk' version of this which essentially is a runny balm. Both packaging and the glass bottle were kept simple.
Tea pot as a scuttle? Neat isn’t it? Now on to the shave test. As with hot pot lather you do in a very similar fashion pre-heat your cup and the drop-in (!) and pour boiling water in it. From what I’ve learnt during my first test drive I must pay attention on the water level. If you don’t you may end up with too much water which will then come in contact with the tips of the brush and destroy your lather. So in regard of the usefulness it’s not as easy as a drop-in without holes...
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