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This was a gift to me from a shop near the Dead Sea. Although it can be found online. Wow is what I have to say. I like this aftershave for a number of reasons. First, I like its feel if you will. Most aftershaves I have used are either a liquid feel, or a light moisturizer feel. This however is more like an absorbing thick cream or paste. I don't use this cream all the time. I save it for times when my face feels dry after a shave, or when I shave too aggressively and my neck...
Although this cream can be on the pricy side, I have seen it anywhere from 10 - 15 dollars in stores and online. I however was lucky enough to get a bottle for 5 dollars at Marshalls. In any case, I find it hard as a guy to find scents in moisturizers that I really like. This cream has an awesome scent -- something like a toned down version of Cool Water perhaps. I have very dry hands, I found this product to not only smells good, but form a protective moisture barrier as well.
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