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Ardbeg Uigeadail

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Besides the unavailable White Horse Lagavulin 16, this is my favorite Islay. But this one is available, so I'll take it!

The price is the lowest point of this whisky, it runs around $75 up to $85 in my area and 108.4 proof. But you are getting something special. The Quality is superb. It is a vatting of three different Ardbegs, one being around 8-10 years a second 10-12 years and third admittedly "much older" aged in Sherry casks. The "much older" age is not formally specified by I have had it told to me it's somewhere in the 25-30 range, but I cannot swear to this, but I can swear that the combination of old and young Ardbegs brings both the stand power hitting of youthful Ardbeg along with maturity and poise of well aged whisky. It is a wonderful combination. As wonderful some some other Islays are, many lack complexity, Uigeadail does not.

The aroma is divine. It smells like a wonderful, fall barbecue on a beach with tangy, sweet smoke. Olives and hints of vanilla can be detected in the depths. Truly let this whisky rest and continue to monitor it and notice how it changes and you'll continue to detect more and more.

The flavor is delicious, a warm smoky barbecue with mild lemon notes and rich robust smoke. This is a very powerful whisky. It has near explosive qualities. There is a blast of flavor, smoke and oak and sherry. Delightful grass and sea salt and more and more smoke. Layers of flavor will linger for hours and continue to evolve on the palate during the entire course. And at cask strength without chill filtration absolutely no flavor has been stripped out.

The packaging is great as evidenced by the picture. The bottle is more stout and stable and the label reminds me of a dark cloud covered sea along green heather fields. Everything I should think of.

This is a fabulous whisky, it's expensive, but it is a wonderful product, youth, power, strength, robustness, depth, complexity and maturity. Just beautiful.

Product rating: 95

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I definitely prefer this whisky with a bit of water. It's not bad neat by any means, but I feel like water helps it open up a bit.
I bought a bottle of this stuff a few weeks ago and it's a third gone, I just can't resist it. This has got to be one of my favourites, definitely a bottle I'll replace when it runs out.

Out of curiosity, do you guys add water? I've tried neat and a little bit of water but I can't decide what I prefer!
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Strange to me. Not bad at all - actually pretty good - but atypical of an Islay. I do like it, but it seems flowery and light to me, not particularly earthy. My girlfriend will drink it, though, and she usually winces when I even mention the Lagavulin, so I guess that says something.

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