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Aloe Vera Shave Cream

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A very generous member on here PIFed me some brushless creams, and the one that easily stood out of the bunch was Zirh Aloe Shaving Cream.

Simply put:
Slick, moisturizing, cushioning, and I didn't have any cuts under my chin/in my neck area. I didn't have to use a post shave lotion, just had to rinse the stuff off. Added bonus: it has a very sterile scent, I would say scentless. If you have any allergies to fragrance this'll do it for you.

This stuff is goopy and super sticky. Lathering with a brush means you don't have to get your hands all sticky and you don't have to rinse it multiple times during a shave. With a brushless cream, the stuff gets on your razor handle, in your razor head and on the tap. If you want to reapply, you have to go through the entire process again. Rinsing it out of your razor and face takes a while, and doesn't wash off as easy as regular lather. Not to mention, slopping goo on your face doesn't seem nearly as civilized as lathering as a brush. Just saying.

In conclusion:
If this cream was judged purely on it's performance and lather isn't a big deal, it would get high marks. Performance wise, it does it's job well by protecting and moisturizing your face. I was very satisfied by my shave. However, I have a razor with a smooth handle, and I had to rinse the handle and my hands multiple times. The lather was also cold, unlike the soothing warm or hot lather we make with a brush. The cream also collects in your razor head, along with the little hairs you just shaved off. Since this stuff is sticky, you have to unscrew the head a little and rinse it off. Inconvenient.

This cream does well - only if you don't mind the goo making your shave more slippery.

Should you buy it?
If you really don't mind slapping goo on your face, you have an iron grip, and you don't want to use a brush, I highly recommend it. It does its job admirably.

If you are not the person I just described, you have better options out there.

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