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Acqua Di Parma Colonia Assoluta

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From Acqua Di Parma:

"bitter orange of Sicily, bergamot and verbena to the warm and spicy notes of cardamon, pink pepper and pimento. Jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, and wild orchid are blended with exotic vetiver, American cedar...white musk and amber"

Somewhat similar opening topnotes as the original Colonia but with a more spice and umph. Colonia Assoluta is my favorite scent from Acqua Di Parma. Clean, fresh and citrusy, it's in a class by itself. It is a eDC so it lasts quite long not changing too much throughout the hours. This is what I like about it. It opens strong and stays that way - its got some serious staying power. Some citrus scents are too lemony or orangy but this one keeps its citrus appeal while complexing you with a few other woody and spicy notes.

While the Acqua Di Parma line is definitely not the cheapest around, you do get your moneys worth. A little of this goes a long way. Its not an everyday scent and more suitable for those special occassions, but when you wear it, people will notice.

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Love it,bought the aftershave balm and the shower gel.

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I havent scored this stuff to save time, this product gets 10 out 10 for all criterion. Its the manly, gentleman smell of Italy. Its unisex too which is odd; I'd be very interested to smell this on a woman. I think this on a woman would be just as appealing; in my oppinion the best fragrances can by worn by both genders. I myself am very partial to lavender which is considered girly; in my oppinion, as mentioned, classic fragrances of a natural origin are the best and are great for both genders.

The price is great too because it is quality and I don't like the idea of these types of fragrances being easily accessible to many. Selfish I know.

A really wonderful men's cologne.

Aqua Di Parma's packaging alone is enough to want this in your bathroom. Its Black Font, against white and yellow is so bold and beautiful, i can always admire it just when i go to wash my hands.

The scent is something vintage, and works very well in the modern world. Its a great thing to be able smell classic, and still questionably modern, at the same time. Its breezy smell, but also has its woodsy and musky character.

Price.. its expensive. But i think it works in favor for this product because its something special that you can put on, knowing that not every Joe will have this in his stockpile.

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