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Well yesterday actually:biggrin1: I had a smallish cigar about 36-38 ring gauge or so that my mother rolled for me on her last trip to Puerto Rico. Think a corona but just a bit thicker. Sweet finish as many Puerto Rican cigars seem to. I've had better, but not as much fun!
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I thought there was a thread about this but it must have faded away. Today the old no dash L frame got out and about a bit, in a De Santis IWB. Stoked with the Buffalo Bore version of the F.B.I. load. At least the Buffalo Bore ones are like the originals and not the watered down loads that Winchester and Remington put out now and call it the F.B.I. load.
Critter Pics.
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Anyone have some pictures of critters? My camera is not a high end one, and it was starting to get dark, but here's one of a deer out behind my backyard fence to the back pasture a bit ago. They bed down there quite a bit at night.
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