2016 Badger & Blade Contributors Drive


It’s here! It’s FINALLY HERE!!! The 2016 Badger & Blade Contributors Drive is HERE!!!

Sure, our Rebel movement is chugging along fine. We took down the three-bladed Death Star, and even the four-bladed one. But, we all know the dreaded FIVE-BLADED DEATH STAR still is out there, and it could be coming for us any moment!

And, NOW, your chance to save the galaxy!!! It’s HERE!!!

This is your chance to support the Badger & Blade community that you hold so dear to your heart. The one that taught you how to shave like a Jedi and how to hoard soaps like a Jawa. This is your chance to keep this place—this wonderful place that is the very opposite of scum and villainy—alive and thriving. This is your chance to . . .



If you become a contributor or renew between Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 20, 2016 (inclusive), then you can win one of the following prizes:

  1. $25 West Coast Shaving voucher & $25 Goulet voucher & Gillette Slim & Vintage DE blades
  2. Floid Black Aftershave; Art of Shaving, Tallow Sandalwood refill (new), Mysore Sandal bar soap
  3. MWF w/ ceramic bowl (new)
  4. Strop and linen – “18-inch Horween horsebutt and English linen, 3″ wide. The handles are latigo and the hardware is brass. The linen has been dyed to accentuate the horsebutt and hardware.” 
Contribute at the Gold Level ($100/year), and you can also win one of the following prizes:
  1. Simpson Chubby 2 Super 2-band, “mutant” loft spec (59mm loft v. typical 50mm); Gillette Aristocrat “in pretty good condition,” cased; and a Selection of DE blades
  2. A vintage Colgate Barber/Tonsorial Soap with piece of Original wrapper & Vintage Williams Mug soap of unknown age
  3. Edison fountain pen

Contribute at the Silver Level ($75/year), and you can also win one of the following prizes:

  1. Cardboard cased pre-war Tech & Stirling Vanilla Sandalwood (new)
  2. Gillette English Aristocrat #66 (cased, no blade bank)

(all prizes awarded by random drawing from eligible members)

badger and blade contributor 1

Not only that, but Contributors enjoy other great benefits, including:
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Access to the Contributors Only forum
  • Increased private message limit (increase depends on level)
  • Increased and enhanced signature limit (degree of benefit depends on level)
  • Increased gallery space (Bronze and above; increase depends on level)
  • Custom Title, chosen by the Moderator team (Silver and Gold only)
  • Reduced listing fees in the B&B Marketplace (depends on level, but GOLD MEMBERS LIST FOR FREE )

So! Whether you’re a Jedi or Padawan, Stormtrooper or Wookie, Hutt or Bounty Hunter, Princess or lowly Moisture Farmer . . . . Even if you fly one of those wacky B-Wing Fighters (can you let us know what’s up with that thing) . . . .