The 2015 Badger & Blade Awards – Aftershaves

2015 Winner – Aftershave

Floid $35 (400ml)


For most of you, Floid aftershave needs no introduction, and rightfully so as it has a strong following and a solid reputation. Classic Italian barbershop fragrances, housed in beautiful, yet sturdy vintage styled bottles, with a product that does what it’s supposed to do and all for a reasonable price? What’s not to like? Frankly, nothing really, which is why Floid takes the award for 2015.

Let’s face it, there are aftershave splashes out there that smell as good and depending on personal preference, some smell better than Floid. Others have a stronger menthol punch or do a better job soothing freshly shaven skin, but no other line of aftershave splashes I’ve run across to date offer a more balanced mix of scent, performance, menthol options and value.

Floid Blue offers the most rounded barbershop scent, teamed with a healthy dose of menthol. If you prefer a more aggressive face freeze, the Vigoroso Special edition fits the bill and packs a strong wallop, along with a few additional ingredients to make it more efficacious, like Oak Moss at the expense of, at least in my opinion, the superior scent of Floid Blue. The standard Floid is also excellent, fitting right between the other two in the menthol scale, but with a much brighter, powdery scent.


While the scents are terribly hard to describe, other than “barbershop scents” they’re quite pleasant and stand out against the barrage of modern fragrances. They smell fresh and clean and while barbershop scents can at times make you “smell like an old guy” – it’s never offensive. Are they mind blowing? No, but they are lovely and difficult to tire of, which is a good thing, as they will linger throughout the day and they come in a massive 400ml bottle, so get used to smelling it!


The flipside is that these gargantuan bottles afford you the luxury of splashing to your hearts delight and not be frugal with the product, without breaking the bank. With the cost of many high-end aftershaves ranging from $40 – $120 for a mere 100ml, this portion four times the size for under $40, means it’s 4-12X less costly than the competition so splash away gents. Speaking of competition, more than 20 brands went to battle for this award, among them C&S, Penhaligons, Trumper, D.R. Harris and none could touch the performance and value of Floid.

If you haven’t picked up a bottle, I’d suggest you hop to. While my personal favorite is Floid Blue, given the perma-frost craze on B&B from the menthol heads around here, the Vigoroso may be the way to go. Worst-case scenario – you’ve got an amazing piece for your countertop.


  • Classic scents that linger beautifully
  • Incredibly handsome looking bottle
  • Outstanding value
  • Excellent performance


  • If you don’t love it, it doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to try to ship it for a trade or sale, so you’re stuck with a massive amount of something you’re not in love with.

You can purchase Floid Vigoroso Special Edition here.


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