Why are you using DE?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by AGX, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. AGX


    Hi to all,

    I have a simple question:

    - why are you using DE?

    My reply is because the blade are economic.

    I don't have another motivation
  2. Why? Really?

    Like most here, I used to shave with a multi-blade razor. However, I never liked the end result. After years of crappy shaves, I literally typed I HATE SHAVING into google and started reading about DE shaving. Then I started watching some videos and gave it a shot. Been hooked ever since.
  3. I used to have to let my face rest for a couple days between shaves. My GF's brother mentioned that he'd been wet shaving -- brush-built lather, DE razor -- and that got me to thinking. I'd just quit drinking, at the time, and I thought that having a little "me time" would be a good idea. So, I started the whole thing, and I can now shave as often as I like, my skin looks and feels great, and I get a little enjoyment out of it, not to mention all the costly ADs. I don't think I'll ever go back. Oh, I still keep my cart razors for shaving my noggin' or for traveling places where the DE would be more trouble than it's worth, but it's DEs almost all the way. I do occasionally pick up the straight, or venture into SE (VAS) or injector-land, but it's mostly DEs.
    -- Chet
  4. I use a DE because I needed a better way to shave than the multi bladed things. I was on the verge of growing a beard because I had grown to hate shaving, but with the results I get from a DE wake up wanting to shave. Besides if I didn't use a DE to shave what would I do with all the razors I have?
  5. I use a DE because multiblade carts hurt, give me bumps, ingowns and pimples, and last carts cost too much.
  6. I don't know why I use DE. Also, I didn't know why I'd hated shaving with multiblade razors for over 20 years either, and why I tried to avoid shaving for no particular reason all these years as well. Moreover, I still can't figure why I looked at my damaged Super Adjustable from time to time for the last 15 years. It's a mystery to me why I tried to find another one on the web. Now I keep asking myself why I enjoy shaving every day with the several DE razors and blades I have. But the only thing I know for sure is that I got lucky finding this forum several months ago. Maybe this fact is the key to the other answers of the so many 'why' I have, who knows.
  7. I proudly shave the traditional way with a DE razor.
    1.DE blades give me a far superior shave, then any shave from a cartridge.
    2.The shave is superior.
    3.My face is healthier.
  8. Gives a superior shave to the modern cartridge and I enjoy the experience.
  9. Comfort.
  10. I agree with all the above. I never imagined I would look forward to shaving. The AD's are fun also.
  11. Cost, Effectiveness, and the cool wow factor!
  12. I never really got a great shave with carts and the price keeps going up on them. I bought the latest and greatest from Gillette and it shave no better than the previous version, which shaved no better than the previous version, etc...etc...,.
    I found that now I enjoy the process of shaving more and have a nice close BBS most of the time.
  13. money was the kick start.

    But what will keep me here is the quality of the shave and the sound. Man - the sound of the blade cutting the hair is just the best.
    And for what ever the actual reason is I don't know, but the cartridge shave was a chore. The DE shave is a pleasure.
  14. for all the above reasons
  15. After years of frustration with the multi-blade cartridges I was searching for a single-blade cartridge.

    I had some in the mid-late 80's, and I seem to remember not having the type of problems back then that I was having with the multi-blade ones. I found DE blades in my search. I had a plastic DE in the mid 90s. It was a promotional thing for a company that's not in business anymore. By turning the handle the head would flip sideways and retract into the handle. It was supposed to be for travel use, but really it was just a marketing gimmick. I used it until the blade went dull, and never bought any more blades. No idea what happened to the razor. But anyway, I didn't remember having any problems with it. And, after seeing the price of DE blades, I figured I may as well try them and bought a cheap made-in-India razor. I scraped all my skin off and then started reading here. After a few tries, I started getting really good shaves, and overall a great experience, so, no reason to switch to anything else.
  16. Displeasure at the available cartridges and money started the deal...would have been cheaper to stay with cartridges...
    If Gillette kept the 2 blade Sensor cart refill available I would never have considered this.

    Now I use straights primarily, have HONE acquisition disorder, somewhat mitigated by generous people willing to lend stones about some. Also recovering from BRUSH AD, which led to making some handles of my own on my lathe (and I need to finish up some Christmas gifts still, brushes) STRAIGHT RAZOR AD has been limited by having a few good blades and learning to hone, and strop. Safety RAZOR AD is limited by using straight razors, but is not gone.

    Would have been cheaper to stay with cartridges, but the more blades in the cart, the more it hurt...at least I never get weepers with a straight, if I cut myself I am bleeding (rare occurrence anymore)

  17. In growns suck big time. I get 'em without a single edge. My skin looks better. And my woman digs my smooth face and smell good.
  18. I started DE definitely for the cost, but I soon realized the shaves were better as well.
  19. Cost, environment, cool factor.
  20. For me, it was cost. I started shaving years ago with a Schick Injector and now I wonder why I ever gave it up. Well, I know why, blades became unavailable at the local stores and this was in the days of the beginning of the internet so I didn't have a source for blades.

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