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  1. Could anyone tell me all the Flavours of Brut?

    Classic - Green
    Musk - Orange
    Alaska - Clear

    I think there is an Turkoise Eau De Brut? And another Dark blue one.

    Is there anymore?

    (sorry for the scruffyness am typing on my iphone)
  2. TheVez2

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    Brut Attitude - Blue
  3. StuMcB

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    Yellow, called instict. Kinda citrus, lemon smell. The Blue liquid one is called Brut Oceans and is a kinda drier scent but very nice. Alaska is very fresh and sweet while the Orange one is known as Brut Passion, way to musky for me.
  4. Luc

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  5. Like Luc said, they are not all similar. The European are said to be the best (and prettiest)!
  6. Can you still get the other colors of brut. I am searching on google for brut instinct. But not having much luck... Are those other scents only available outside the US? The US brut web only had classic scent.
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  7. I couldnt find anything online but then i went into a discount store and they had around 7 varietys of the AS
  8. jazzguy

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    Here in the US I've never seen anything but the classic splash and balm. I have some of the balm and it's pretty good.

  9. Went back and picked up these today:


    Good Score! :thumbup:
  10. Luc

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    The other scents are available in Europe pretty much. I think they are fairly common in the UK... If you want to get them to the US, you will need to find a vendor that will ship them to you as I do not think they are widely distributed outside Europe...
  11. "Eau de Brut" (light green) smells like Proraso (without menthol).
  12. Missing Musk and Alaska :(
  13. Shipping is from 4.25GBP.

    Nope, they have both: http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/aftershave_v_1746.html

    And here's another one that also has Passion, with a flat rate 14.99 GBP shipping to ROW (so stock up on stuff for SWMBO): http://www.fourwayspharmacy.com/2/45/name/fourwayspharmacy/mens-grooming.html
  14. They do not ship Brut to the U.S. I've tried to order from them. When you go to place the order a message comes up saying that they cannot ship the following items..... and then they list all of the Brut that you have in your cart..... and the Old Spice Whitewater if you have that in there as well. Anything with alcohol in it they must consider it a "prescription item"..... and they say on their website that they don't ship prescription items abroad.

  15. I don't get this alcohol shipping restriction business (at least when shipping to Au).

    BeautyEncounter will ship crates of EDT and AS to me, no problem. Just about every other vendor in the States cites some restriction under IATA (but refuses to provide me with a reference so I can assess it for myself). Lucky I have personal contacts State-side who can stick my random arrivals in a flat-rate mailer and send them out to me, but it's not a great experience.

    Shop in the UK, however, and the restriction seems to be inapplicable.

    So what I don't get is:
    1) What is the explanation for the inconsistency (US v UK vendors)?
    2) What is the risk in real terms? I mean, FFS, people are drinking, y'know, booze on the flight and stuff. How come that's OK but if I want a bottle of Botot or something, I get the Secret Service going through my shipments!
  16. I don't think it's UK vendors, I think it varies from shop to shop. Some UK vendors DO ship items containing alcohol, to the U.S. at least.
  17. +1 I have received products containing alcohol from many UK vendors. I don't know what the reason is why some can't/won't..... well, ultimately it's money.... but other than that I don't know of any other reason.


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