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    "You may delay, but time will not." -- Benjamin Franklin

    The B&B Gentleman's Athletic Club is a place for members to discuss fitness and weight loss goals in the encouraging and supportive environment that is B&B.

    How can you join? Easy. Just post your BMI/weight/beltsize, etc., whatever you'd like, in this thread (a good BMI calculator is here), then check in from time to keep everyone updated on your progress. Fitness goals and tips are welcomed, as well! If you get a chance, sending an encouraging PM to someone on the thread every now and again would be quite in keeping with the gentlemanly qualities of B&B.

    We're hopeful that the examples, tips, and eventual successes posted in this thread will encourage others to seek the confidence and energy that comes with improved fitness. After all, no one wants to be outlived by his shave soap collection! Thanks to Terry Awhile for inspiring the B&B GAC with his original thread, and to all who've assisted in moving the Club forward.

    Your turn! Post your info/goals and be sure to keep us updated!

    Members of the BBGAC are also keeping track of their goals and progress in a wiki page here (thanks perry!), and we've formed a locker room for even more ongoing chatter here (thanks sol92258!). All are welcome to join and post in both places in addition to in this thread. Join us!
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  2. I admit it. I am a pig of a man, and maybe, just possibly....I need to fall back down to earth and succumb to an idealized, marketing driven ideal of masculine physical appearance.

    What I mean is, I done fell off like Keith Sweat.

    Lost my mojo.


    I got fat, and now I got myself one of those round, moon-like Irish double chin/chubby cheeks/layered faces---small boy-trapped in a thirty year old's soft body looks going on.

    Seriously, I cannot fit into me trousers, and yet I contunue with the brews, grinders and etc., up to, and including: pastrami, pizza, wings and chowder.

    Have not exercised in months.

    I am going to to break down and become a "New Year's guy"....but was curious to see if any other fellows here had the same lack of self-respect hat they want to apply "corrective action" to?

    Perhaps we could set up up a loser's club and, put up some small increments of dough, (via pay pay, or something) and have some impartial judges award prizes of the male vanity products variety?

    Not sure if this is even allowed to, let me know.

    Otherwise, I will just post online about my sweaty, bacon-smelling struggle to regain my place in the humans-who can-wear-normal-clothing race, and invite you all to cut me down with derisive cheers of "give it up, fatty!" and, "you're too old, fatty!".

    I just thought I would put it out there, since this board is quickly becoming my fave "online haunt". (I have "online haunts"....hence the reason I have no self-respect, and stretch marks. Christ, I want to die)
  3. I'm in. I definitely need to De Plumpify.
  4. Me, too.

    I gradually got up to 248#, unaware that I was gaining weight. Restricted my food intake a little bit, gave up the junky empty calories starting this past mid-November. That alone let me shed 18 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm 5'10" and would like to get down to 190 --40 pounds to go. If I can shed 1~2 pounds a week, that would put me in that range early next summer.

    I'm 59 and my metabolism has slowed of course. It seems it is now harder and more time consuming to lose weight.

    -- John Gehman
  5. That's a "Me Too"..
    After a heart attack and having my knees wear out from osteo arthritis and over use (I'm too young for replacements), I've put on the tonnage I've kept off for forty years:frown: I always relied on exercise and a high protein diet. Now I have gout which limits my protein intake.:eek:
    I'm not sure what I'll do, but you can bet I'll do something constructive.:wink:
  6. I am 54 years old and two years ago I was right at 235 lbs. ; now my wife was going on these crazy diets and she would always gain the weight she needed too (she weighs 130 lbs. wet)....
    I saw no future in all these crazy things so this is what I did...
    I put all fast food off limits; I put sodas like coke and so forth off the table (a ton of sugar there.....If I am thirsty I get a bottle of water.) I eat 3 meals a day and make sure I don't miss one. I made an effort to slow down the speed at which I eat so that when I do get to start feeling full I stop. Growing up I was told you have to clean your plate so I broke that rule. I also started using a smaller plate. Drink plenty of water at meals. So basically smaller portions until I feel full and stop. This doesn't make you lose weight fast but you do start dropping the weight! Over the past two years I am now down to 200 lbs. Oh did I mention that I don't excersize? So 35 lbs lost in two years just through sensible eating. I just bought be a treadmill and I will start off very slow at a walk and work myself up so I don't get discouraged. Slow and steady wins the race. Give it a try. It does work. Stay away from the crap; you know what it is stay away from it. I make sure my lunch and dinner has three parts meat, veggie, and a starch. Start cooking for yourself none of the pre packaged stuff, you just might find you have a new hobby and it is fun!
    Stay away from the fad diets just do what is sensible, you didn't put on the weight overnight and you will not lose it over night.
  7. Count me in. I have pushed close to 200 within the last few years, after being a much smaller man throughout my early adult years. I did drop about 15 or so pounds over the last 6 months, only to gain most of it back. Here is to hoping some positive reinforcement and not so gentle nudging will help keep us all on track.

    Personally, 2009 is going to be a year of several big changes for me. I need to get the weight thing under control before it totally gets away from me, and a good bit of that will be starting an exercise program/get off my butt commitment. I'm leaning towards signing up for a 5k and forcing myself to get in condition for that.
  8. Ok, looks like we are picking up a coterie...or, if you are fat and easily defeated like me, a bunch of lint.:biggrin:

    Lets get a few more guys (or dolls) and see how we can get this going.

    Unfortunately, pictures, weighing, and measurement (you know, all that shallow, superficial stuff that us grooming obsessed have left behind) will probably be required.

    As will the honor system. But, I get the feeling most of us chaps are ok with that? After all, we are a bunch of dudes who freely admit pining after aftershaves...

    In addition to getting everyone some decent jawlines to shave, I bet we'll see some interesting takes on health and exercise, and, especially, since heart disease and so on are the number one killers of men, maybe we'll be helping to spread the word on good health practices vs. established, behavior patterns----which are, in some ways, cultural, etc., but, as we can all agree, despite our "stripes", culture and attitudes can be changed!

    Just breaks my heart to see these chubby kids/kids in junior high carrying this terrible blub about, and nothing but heartbreaking health issues and image problems in their future.

    So, if anyone has ideas on how we can shape this up, let me know.

    I can actually show you the bad condition I brought myself too...:mad2:

    I have also attached what I apparently have believed I have looked like all these months. Special thanks to Mr. Fincher.
  9. I'll join in. I'm 5'8" and a XXL. Also type 2 but that is controlled. Would like to be in the 170 to 180 range. If I hold that for a year, my wife will get me a new Patek.
  10. Here it is

    If I get down to 153 lbs by 30 June 2009, I will... buy myself a new razor. I don't know what yet. Maybe one of those sleek Good Fellas open comb, or a Progress, but a nifty new razor.

    If I don't, all shaving purchases will be put off until I do. :w00t:

    Dear God, What have I done?!?!
  11. I'd like to get in on this action...

    I'm probably going to be traveling a fair bit, so checking in might be limited at times, but I would really like to lose a few.
  12. I got weight problems too, but mine is exactly oposite. 62kg/183cm / 137 lbs/6'
  13. If I were to join, then I would already be ahead of everybody and rapidly pulling away. I have shed about 20 lbs since last spring, and I wasn't even trying. I attribute it to the fact that I have reduced my sugar intake by not drinking all of those sweet drinks. I've been drinking a lot of water, and also tea. Maybe it's the tea that's helped.
  14. If only I could sell you a few pounds...
  15. Interested. What's the plan?
  16. I'm in. Started on the treadmill last week.
  17. I'm in. I'm 25 years old, 6'5" and 340lbs. When I graduated from HS, I was 100lbs lighter and wore size 38 pants. Now I'm having problems fitting into my size 46 pants and I even have the stretchy side kind.:frown:

    I need to cut out the sweets and fast food. I've been looking at the caveman diet where you cut out grains, beans, and potatoes. I might do that.

    For exercise, I already walk a good bit, but I might start trying to run or jog. I was thinking about crossfit, but I don't think I could take that right now.

    I'm definitely feeling the effects of the weight on my body. I get winded just tying my shoes. I also have something called meralgia paresthetica, which is a neuropathy caused by my stomach flub cutting off my lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. If I lose weight it should go away and I'll have feeling back in my right thigh.

    So yeah, count me in on this. I'll post pictures or whatever is required.
  18. I'm in. Two years ago I was 6' and 254 lb. This past summer I had dropped to 208 by diet and exercise but I'm now back to 220. My goal has been and remains to hit 190. Best of luck to everyone.
  19. I too have rebounded from a wight a freaking yoyo. I was at 260 in april, down to 223 by september and am now back up to 247...bad news bears. I'm in!
  20. I'm in. This summer I got down to 88kg (194 lb) from 100kg (220.5 lb).

    As soon as I got back to university I bounced back up to 94 kg (207.2 lb) and I'm having real trouble losing it again.

    I've been tracking my body fat percentage and have decided to try and get down below 15%, currently I'm at 27.8%.

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