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  1. I see the Brotherhood of the open comb thread and feel like maybe... just maybe... there are fellow TECH fan's out there. I appreciate the open comb and all but come on... The TECH is the smoothest shaver of them all.

    Anyone else feel like I do and think the TECH isn't getting the respect it deserves... Especially in March?

    Anyone feel like we need to do something about it?

    If your favorite shaver is a TECH... Say it... I'm proud to be a TECH'y and of course post a photo of your favorite TECH.

    If you have a cooler name than TECH'y... Throw it on the wall and see if it stick's.

    TECH head?
    TECH no Maniac?
    TECH users group? TUG?
    TECH Savvy Shavers?
    TECH no crats?
    Insane TECH Possy?

    Anyway... Here's a photo of my favorite TECH. A fat handle TECH with triangle slots!!! My $4.99 thrift store deal and favorite shaver of all time!

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  2. I do like the closed combs the best, but I prefer the Super Adjustable. Techs are very fine shavers, though.
  3. I've been having an affair with OC's lately. You can't deny their effectiveness and handsome looks. However, a Tech is like coming home to mom's meatloaf (or in my case, enchiladas). There is something comforting and familiar about them. You can get crazy and go Mantic59 with your passes. Here are a few of my favorite. The variety of Techs makes them fun to collect. There was a reason these were one of the longest produced DE's by simple as they are, they get the job done.

    $Techcollection.jpg $Techheads.jpg
  4. alex2363

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  5. I've got a couple ball end Techs. Probably my desert island pick.
  6. Here's my ideas:

    ECH Enthusiasts Coalition Hangout (TECH)
    The United TECH Alliance
    The World TECH Association

    I nominate you as the group's first leader. Will someone please second the motion?
  7. shm


    I don't mind saying my favourite DE is a Fat Handled Tech - in fact I did :wink:
  8. I'm comfortable that the Tech is underrated. That just means I can pick it up cheap unlike the Fatboy.
  9. my techs a really nice shaver and think ill use it today.

    Tyrannosaurus techs
  10. I'm not sure I like this trend toward fragmentation here on the B&B. Are we not all brethren, open-combed or closed? The point should be to celebrate what we all have in common, not to point out what we disagree on.

    I think the Fatboys are more expensive because they were only made for a few years, compared to quite a few for Techs.
  11. We are, of course, brethren. But hasn't this occurred because we elevate ourselves above the unwashed masses who struggle day by day as they drag five-blade plastic gizmos across their faces?

    I think it's okay to have favorite razor styles and to express that. I love my 1941 Ranger Tech, and I'll never give it up. My Travel Tech is cute. I gave away a fat-handled Tech to my nephew as his introduction to wet shaving, and he's making good use of it.
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    I have a fat handle TECH with triangle slots also and it is a great shaver! When I finish Open Comb March, I will have to put my Tech back into use.
  13. just had a brilliant shave with my 1977 british aluminium tech i had a tesco own brand blade in it and there realy nice blades i wasnt expecting much from them but pleasantly suprised.
  14. That Tesco is one of the rebranded Israeli Personna's. Great blade, great razor.
  15. brilliant didnt know that, thats why i love BnB.
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    The only razor I regret selling was my BRW handle with a Tech head.
    it was smooth. Sigh.
  17. My favorite looking razors are fat handled Techs and bar handled NEWs.

  18. Until last week I hadn't used my ball-end Tech for almost 2 years. I have been enjoying the change. Here's my '59 ball-end (on right) next to my '58 "Psycho" Tech.

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  19. thats awsome is that the cell number or just a number so they could see if one was missing and in the hands of an imate?lol
  20. technotronics

    TECH Enthusiasts Coalition Hangout (TECH)


    Keep the votes and pictures coming.

    There has been some concern voiced over the fragmentation that this thread may start. I was actually chuckling to myself while typing the first post in this thread! CosmicDoom has a valid concern and point. I don't believe anyone on B&B want's to purposely alienate any other member. In order to alleviate this concern, I would like to table for discussion the introduction of "TECH Tuesday's".

    TECH Tuesday
    is a chance for us yet to be named TECH fan's to tout the virtues of the under appreciated TECH on an under appreciated day. Let's face it TGIT just doesn't have the same punch as TGIF, But "TECH Tuesday's" has a ring to it.

    Today is the first "TECH Tuesday" at least in my book.

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