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    Being new to the whole wet shaving thing, I find the vast array of products, and the mass of conflicting opinions they bring to be somewhat confusing, and I was hoping some of the more experienced wet shavers on here would be able to help clarify a few points for me. My first questions concern the swedish gillette blades; firstly, where can I get these blades in the UK? Secondly, I was wondering why people make the distinction and call these swedish gillettes, how are they different from the blades available in any other country (unless they are made in Sweden, in which case I just made myself look really stupid, huh?)
    Thanks, AJS
  2. Hi AJS -

    Welcome to the board (and to the hobby, in general). I do believe that the blades are actually made in Sweden (Stockholm, if memory serves).

    I've tried many of the "popular" blades and currently these are my favorites. They're a nice mix of "sharp, but not overly agressive." I was previously a Feather DE guy, but I always managed to get at least a touch of unintended irritation from them.

    Here's where I got my Swedish Gillettes. It's in the UK, as well.


    The great (yet, bad :biggrin: ) thing about all of this is that you almost need to try everything for yourself!!
  3. I can confirm the Swedish Gillettes are my favorite at the moment. they are so smooth so nice !!!!!!!!

    I use , Israel Personna ,Derby Extra,Lord,Russian Gillettes,Swedish Gillettes,Feather.

    forget about Hobby this is a Life style..your going for. :biggrin:
  4. AJS,

    what Howard says about the manufacture of the Swedish Gillettes is right. You can tell they're Swedish by the "Blue" packaging; those made in the US are "Red"

    You'll soon become familiar with the terms YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) and TEHO (To Each His Own).

    I've been using some Swedish Gillettes in a Merkur HD these last 2 weeks and have not been impressed; I much prefer Feather Hi-Stainless blades. Others however swear by the Gillettes.

    The consensus is however that different blades work better in different razors. It's entirely possible the Swedish Gillettes will do me just fine in another razor, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Mess around with different combos. TEHO!

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