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  1. I was feeling a bit hot so I asked my wife to go on an expedition to find me some "swill" along with some Pilsner Urquell (not a swill in my book). We finally settled for Miller High Life and I am about to throw up due to the high doses of DMS and diacetyl in it. I think that Miller MGD is a much better beer. Next time I am hot what swill should I try?

    Al raz.
  2. Schlitz.
  3. +1

    Nasty stuff....

    If you're looking for a cheap...good beer? PBR. Cheap, nasty beer? Schlitz hands down.
  4. Busch, Old Milwaukee, Coors
  5. PBR. Cheap and good.

    I've been known to drink Miller Lite in quantity though...

    At least around here in my neck of the woods, Shiner products aren't that much more than the Bud/Miller/etc. beers out there. I tend to go that route.

  6. PBR or Bud
  7. I will choose water over swill every time. Can't do it anymore.

  8. Why would you do that to yourself, man?

    If I had to choose the cheapest swill, just to get some suds in, I'd go with Simpler Times, available at Trader Joe's for $2.99 a six-pack.
  9. ballantine ale! 6 bucks for a six pack, and surprisingly tasty (and each of the caps has a rebus puzzle on the underside). Not quite as cheap as some of the other posted swill beers, but still not too shabby.
  10. That Bohemian crap they got out in Baltimore is pretty nappy....

    I protest about Schlitz. It is much less disgusting than Miller Lite!
  11. bud ice
  12. So far, I guess most people "prefer" PBR as their swill, thank you for your responses. I have had PBR draught after bowling a couple of times and it is a fairly refreshing, neutral beer; not much taste but fairly clean. For those interested in my wellbeing :001_smile, I want to reiterate that I only drink swill when it is very hot. Last weekend, I was fishing with son and I felt really hot afterwards (never drink when I fish).

    Wow, Natty Boh.... I drank a lot of that while I was in school in Baltimore.... It is now brewed by Miller somewhere in the south though... And BTW, the thread is about the best drinkable swill, provided that it exist.

    Al raz,

  13. According to Schlitz Gusto (Classic 1960's Formula) is the top American Adjunct Lager currently. I've never had it but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Personally I'll drink regular bud if I'm going for cheap beer. PBR is for hipsters. :001_tt2:
  14. Pbr really has become hipster, but when i was a grom it was a big part of the skate/snow/surf scene that i operated in, so it was my go to party beer all through high school. Then i got to college, felt i had to separate myself from the proles, been there done that kinda deal. i switched to local companies for my cheap stuff (carolina blonde, natty greenes etc) and started blowing all my friends minds by drinking less than 15 beers at time

    Wait what was the question? My vote is for pbr or busch light just make certain that its ICE COLD and drink it quick cause a ONE degree raise in temperture will turn it from elixer to ipecac

    By the by, where i hail, the neo-hipster beers of choice are dale's, and genessee, pbr is being reclaimed
  15. +1
  16. ICE cold PBR.

    Hipster or not, I like it.
  17. Gennese or Lion's Head if you are on the East Coast.

    Boxer if you are in the Midwest.
  18. OK, I'll admit to being more of a wine and scotch guy, but I've had a beer or two in the last 32 years of legal drinking age, and prefer the European lagers. If I was to pick something to identify as swill, it would be Samuel Adams - the most over-hyped and foul-tasting brew I have yet to pour down the drain. Now there's proof that taste is subjective.
  19. Busch lite hits the spot for me after mowing the lawn. Used to drink Busch lite draft, which was better, don't think the make that anymore.

    BTW, PBR used to give me a wicked headache when I was in college, don't think I have had it since then. Does it still do that. Just one or two would do that to me. Not talking about imbibing mass quantities here. I guess all beers will do that if you overinduldge, but something about PBR used to set my head to hurtin.

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  20. It was giving you headaches because you aren't a hipster. Look like this and you won't get a headache. [​IMG] Ok, I'll stop the hipster jokes. For those of an older generation, PBR was respectable, back when it actually had a plant in milwaukee.

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