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  1. I wanted to stock up on some Personna reds as they are currently my favorite and I came across this on the 'bay:

    It seems like a great deal--which of course makes me leery--and wanted to hear what some of my more experienced colleagues think. The packaging shown doesn't resemble what I have currently--ostensibly explained by the vendor as a result of the fact that these are the "new" 2008-09 stock--and I was curious if a) these appear to be knock offs or b) if they aren't, how similar they are to the "old" reds that I've been using.

    As always: thanks for any/all input.
  2. I agree that the packaging doesn't look the same.

    That's ~$11.00 shipped. For $12 shipped you can get them from West Coast Shaving.

    - Chris
  3. Hum...not sure either. Not the same packaging as you said. It is a good price but you dont want to waste your money on something that is not what you want. Hopefully someone else will chime in soon.
  4. I recieved my order of 100 of these blades friday and the vendor is a member here at B&B. Haven't shaven with them yet but they look like the real deal to me.
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    the outside packet looks different, but the paper wrapper looks the same. Could just be new packaging (as mentioned in the listing)
  6. Not sure if it's the same blade or not, but some in this review think it is. Interestingly, the blades WCS and other vendors stil sell - and most people consider to be Red Packs - come in what would be the "old" packaging. The Reds are fine blades so I hope they are the same.
  7. They are legit, and a good price as well. The topic has been discussed here before.
  8. That packaging has been discussed on the board before. There is even a review of the blades in that packaging. The blades are not fakes, and are identical to the blades sold in the packaging we are familiar with.

    "New" Personna Reds Review
  9. Thanks all for the timely replies.
  10. Yes he is legit and a member here. That is where I bought my Red IP's and find them to be excellent blades!
  11. Excellent news as the "old packaging" Red Packs are one of my favorites. Where was the same blade/new packaging discussed? Thanks in advance.
  12. Just to add, he is a member here and I sent him a PM and ordered them, avoiding ebay. No problems, came superfast, and the blade is identical to the blade in the old style box. The only thing that has changed is the cardboard box. Even the paper wrapper is the same as the old style.

    Is you like the red's, you won't be sorry.
  13. What is the member's user name?
  14. I think some blades have different packaging....

    I have Astras that are in plastic, some in cardboard...I mean, what's up with that?
  15. iamdarkangel2005
  16. I'd imagine you may get a better deal by avoiding the 'bay--what with their fees and such--if you end up placing an order and that proves to be the case, please let me know. Thanks.

  17. Being a recent convert to (old pack) Reds, I wanted to know if the blades were the same in the new packaging. So I'll now shop around and let you know.
  18. Much obliged. I'd love to hear what your search reveals.


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