Brushes DO make a difference

Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by BurmaShaver, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. For those just now dumping their can of shaving cream and switching to the brush--the kind of brush DOES make a difference.

    I picked up the Art of Shaving STARTER KIT for $38 because it had a badger brush in it. But I just picked up the Vulfix 2233 badger and boy, talk about night and day! Much softer, better feel to it...

    Ain't like the old brush my pop used in the army.....
  2. Your right about the difference a brush can make. The higher end brushes hold more water and allow for a better lather.
  3. I have the vulfix 2235 and really enjoy the way it holds creams. I have not tired of the way it whips up lather and coats my face so evenly. Sometimes it feels a bit floppy so to stiffen it up I just pinch the base between my thumb and first two fingers to give more control to it. Helps to get into those tight spots.

  4. I have a Vulfix superbadger brush. Never had any other brush so I cannot compare it to anything...but I love it. Vulfix make top quality brushes at good prices.
  5. Nice choice on the Vulfix. They make good, quality brushes. You are right that a good, quality badger brush can be a great addition to your shaving lineup.

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