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  1. A few of us started teasing Krona Kruiser on this thread about giving up his latest purchase to those of us that truly love Open out of just having some fun here on B&B, we formed the Brotherhood of the Open comb.

    What is this crazy Brotherhood you ask?

    First and foremost, it is a group of B&B members that love open combs. For us, it it not merely one of our choices, but our preferred tool for shaving.

    I was asked by a member why the love of OC's?

    There are several factors for me....and let me say, as typical, YMMV:001_smile

    Aesthetic appeal is one part of the equation. I love the look, and feel of an open comb . When it comes to style and beauty, who can deny the beauty of such razors as the #15, the #20, the Aristocrat De Luxe, a #47,the Richwood, or the 1918 Bulldog. This is only the tip of the many Open little time.

    Second for me is function. I have several vintage TTO's and a few modern razors. Open comb, either in a vintage flavor, or modern "Hybrids" like the Muhle R41 just simply do a better job on my face, my beard growth patterns, and my hair type. Will it do the same for you?? I don't know the answer to that question, but I do believe there is a Open Comb razor out there for every shaver and every beard type that will out perform any of the guard razors.

    Third for me is efficiency. I have very sensitive skin, prone to razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. I can generally do less passes, and get a better shave with an open comb. Let me dispel the myth that all open combs are much more aggressive. That simply is not true. Many Open combs feel extremely mild on my face. Most would agree a razor such as the 2010 Muhle R41 feels as mild as the DE89. Open comb does not translate as more aggressive...I would encourage all those that haven't tried a open comb to try one. Don't know where to start? I would say start with the Gillette NEW, one of the finest razors ever produced.

    So who is membership open to??


    What are the requirements?

    Support all post about open combs, give feedback to your brothers.
    Make friends with your brothers...PM them..get to know them. We have a great group of guys on B&B in general, and who doesn't like new see a brother online...drop him a line...see how he's doing!

    What else?

    I would encourage members to post pics and discuss there open combs in this thread...a combined thread if you will of open combs. A place for easy access of discussions and pics. This is also a great place to discuss techniques, etc.

    So show your love of the Open Comb...become a "card carrying member" of the Brotherhood of the Open Comb!
    Let's openly discuss, post and share. Make some new friends along they way, and who knows...

    I'm thinking we need to have our first annual BOTOC conference and swap meet out in Johnnie's neck of the woods...the cream cheese long johns pushed me over the edge!!

    Here is to great shaves my brothers!!!!:thumbup:
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  2. I want to welcome two our of newest members ras120 and Cal1961...welcome to the brotherhood!!!
  3. They look like Cthulhu.

    How about a social group?
  4. LOL...I don't know if that is what H.P Lovecraft had in mind...LMAO..

    Mods would prefer all OC discussion kept on the safety forum instead of a sub group or social group, so we can share info, etc...I respect that.
  5. Welcome all! Or as Jeff Foxworthy would say, Welcome Y'all! I have to second or plus one everything Ken said. I have somehow aquired several razors, 20ish or so. I can and have used them all. I have a couple of straits. I just prefer an OC. Less rash, less burn, more BBS shaves. I am of the opinon that Gillette should have closed their R&D shop in 1930, I mean after the LC NEW, they try to improve on that? That's like trying to improve on the Mona Lisa, or the Cistine Chapel!
  6. I think you summed it up in a nutshell Johnnie...!!
  7. Hi, my name is ras120 and I'm an open comb-aholic. I currently own 43 OC razors (45 if you count the Mühle R41), and I'm always looking for more.

    My wife finally got fed up with my obsession, and told me it was "either her or the razors". I hope she is happy living with her mom.

    This is for jbradley who just missed out on one of these. My oldest and one of my most coveted sets.

  8. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    Open combs are great! Come to think of it, I haven't shaved with a safety bar razor in months.

    My favorites are the Fatip, the Swing, and the Mühle R41, in that order.
  9. ras120...that is not obsession my friend...but love for all that is good!!! Is that pic of your Double ring??? if o....WOW!!:a47:

  10. Hmmm.....sounds like you should be a BOTOC member!

    Would love to see some pictures of the swing....I didn't know they had a OC razor...I've seen pic of there guard some pics!!!
  11. Yep, that's mine. And here's his running mate:

  12. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    Out of sheer laziness I'm simply going to repost Jake's original pics of this thing:


    It's nickel plated and therefore much warmer in color than the pics would suggest. Great little shaver (& pleasantly more hefty than the Fatip).
  13. I love my Merkur 1904 open comb especially when my beard is longer than 2 or 3 days growth.
  14. There is nothing finer than NEW, I love both the long and short combs equally.

    Although only having returned to DE shaving for 3 months or so, I have had an opportunity to try many different head styles, from vintage to modern.

    I can already make a list of what will be keepers:

    Rhodium NEW Long Comb
    Rhodium NEW Short Comb
    Custom Handle Old Type
    Merkur 1904 Open Comb
    Slim Adjustable (only because Ken gave it to me as a reminder of our father).

    What will probably be on list after thorough testing:
    2009 R41
    2010 R41
    2011 R41

    Included as add on's:
    Parker 97R Hefty Handle
    iKon Handle
    BRW Handles (looking to acquire).

    What I have or will be getting rid of:
    Superspeed Flare Tip
    Lady Gillette
    Schick Krona
    Merkur 11C HD (only because I can replicate the experience by placing a different handle on the 1904 head).
    Parker 97r Head (R89 clone)
    All user grade vintage razors

    I wanted a TTO because I remember my dad using them. It was the only kind I had ever used, and it was familiar. While lurking the site and reading about open combs well before joining, nothing about OC's interested me. I really thought, they would be far too agressive.

    Well, I was wrong, they are just efficient. The only things I want are a close shave and a razor that performs.

    I know mileage may vary between people, but for me, their is nothing finer than open combs.
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  15. Wow! I've never seen one! My RAD just got kicked up a notch...the head looks similar to the fatip..does it shave similar?
  16. How long have you been collecting Ras?
  17. i got a ball end new and it was my first experiance with an open comb it was amazing so happy i got it it just works so well for me i will have to try more open combs to see if this continues.
  18. franz

    franz Moderator Emeritus

    I'd put them in the same league.
  19. Count me in lads.

    When I first started wet shaving I bought a Merkur 34c HD BUT then I got this and am using the Merkur less and less often.


  20. Open comb razors are overly aggressive, unsanitary monster from a bygone era! They are nick and cut machines!!

    Why do you think they went away? The open comb does nothing but lead to lost and bent teeth! Nothing but trouble.

    Bah! Terrible, ugly razors, that don't shave worth a darn. Not suited to modern blades. Unsightly. Uncouth.

    (Did the demand drop down to normal on the BST yet? You Open Comb Brotherhood guys aren't exactly helping with prices on these great razors, y'know.)

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