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  1. well here is my problem, i have 2 straights honed (could be better) but i dont want to shave with them unless i can maintain there edge. i dont have a huge budget on my straights (as i am a DE at heart) so i am in need of a strop which has a good rep with a linen side also. something where i can get my technique down but not have to be worried
    about cuping or cracking. idk about the paddle strops but if there reputation is good enough i will consider. any help would be appreciated :thumbup:.
  2. Okay....couple of questions.

    Are you sure your razors are shave ready? You say they could be better.... this is scary. Are you an experienced straight razor user?

    Why do you need a linen component?

    There's not a strop that'll keep your blade maintained/ re-sharpened during the shaves as it dulls. For that you'll need stones, or a touch up stone. Some will say pastes work good for maintaing the edge, but meh... I will leave that for you to decide.

    A strop, rather, is needed to use prior to each shave.
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    You can easily survive without the linen component, especially if you are not honing blades yourself.
  4. Linen is nice, but learn to strop first.

    The Rup Razor Filly is what I started with
    Whipped Dog has a good offering, and takes the time to discuss your needs over email
    Star Shaving has been getting kudos lately from other members, but I have not personally dealt with them

    A pasted strop will keep a razor that is shave ready going for quite a while, but it will need re-honed eventually. You *WILL* destroy your first strop. Get over it and buy a cheap leather strop.

    Paddle strops are, for many including myself, easier to use and harder to damage. You can lay the hanging strop out on the edge of a counter or table to act like a paddle strop, this is a good idea the first few stropping. Stropping a butter knife a few times is also a good idea.

    You likely will blow the edge on your razor from poor stropping, this happens. The only solutions are be very careful that the spine never lifts off the strop, the edge is ALWAYS trailing, and your pressure is light on the strop.

  5. Did you hone them, or did someone who hones straights hone them?

  6. the blades were a little dull then i touched them up with a barbers hone (keen kutter)
  7. Wid


    You should have one honed by someone that can give a proper edge. That way you have an idea what a "shave ready" razor feels like.
  8. All very true statements.

    I would get a poor man's strop from whipped dog and lay it on the counter, this way you have a "paddle" strop but can always turn it to a hanging strop when you get proficient.
    I would absolutely advise getting someone to hone them up properly for you.

    Yep, very, very, very good advice.
  9. If the straight 'could be better' then its not sharp enough to shave with. Strop it more. I like using a canvas or linen strop during and after shaving, it helps to clean it. You may damage your first strop but you have to learn some way and by doing is a good method. Just get a decent strop you won't mind making a miss que with plus a fine ceramic stone and lapp one side. Then work at it and shave with your straights as this is the best way to realize when a straight razor is shave ready. Possum
  10. I have to agree with sending them out to get them honed.

    I disagree with this wide-spread misconception that you will destroy your first strop. Have people been killing strops for 150 years? It's a tool. It will show signs of use. Will it be destroyed beyond use? Rarely. Sure, it can happen, but the chance is slim. Learn how to use your tools and take care of them. I just don't like telling people they're going into something with the idea they're going to screw up something they need to learn to care for properly. Everything has precautions, but to go in expecting? This bit of advice has been a peeve of mine for a long time.
  11. Yeah I agree with rick, while it may be probable that you might nick your first strop I hardly think it is likely you will destroy it if you are careful. You'd have to mess up pretty bad to DESTROY a strop, YMMV. I have not personally killed one, so it might be easier than it looks. In most cases it seems nicks or cuts occur near then ends which would still leave a bit of stropping surface even if you did run into that misfortune.

    I do wonder if the sentiment is born out of the ability to pick up a cheap strop for <$20 compared to paying at least twice that for something a bit nicer. Honestly though doesn't seem like that much more and if I could go back I wouldn't have gotten the cheaper one I have.
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    Well, I rather nick up a Poorman than nick up my TM Notovan. I think that is where the sentiment lies.

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