AOS non-tallow formula? SAY IT AIN"T SO!

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  1. I bought a puck of AOS lavender because of the good reviews that AOS soaps (with tallow) had gotten. On the AOS website, it still lists sodium tallowate as the first ingredient and the guy at the AOS store told me it had tallow in it, so I bought it. I took a look at the box today and noticed the ingredient list does not have tallow in it. I had not read that they reformulated their soaps. Has anyone else used these? $IMAG0096.jpg
  2. Where are you located? Some countries have different labeling requirements which could explain the discrepancy. Or it could just be a labeling change. Or it could be a dire sign
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    That is certainly news to me. I was under the impression that the Art Of Shaving soaps were made in Italy (and now, on your box, I see Made In USA). Please contact the store and let us know what their official position is on this.
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    That sounds like a change. Here are some label shots from the wiki page - besides the tallow, I note that the label above says the soap is made in USA, not Italy. Also AoS seems to have moved under the "P&G Prestige Beauté" umbrella. The new box seems to sport a 2012 copyright date.

  5. Purchased from the Bellevue Square store (near Seattle). I'm going back to the store Friday to ask about it. Will report back Friday night Seattle time. Also going to see if they can dig out some tallow based refill pucks
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    The end is nigh, that is some bad,bad news my friends. That is a palm oil based soap.
  7. While disappointing, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. La Toja stick, Klar Kabinett and Klar Seifen, and Joris/Plisson soap all prove that tallow is not needed for a soap to be great.
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    As Nona said- every pot has a lid.
  9. no no no no no no no no no......
  10. May they burn in the fiery depths for screwing up a great soap!!! :cursing:

    Just checked the 2 pucks I bought this month and they are tallow 1st, made in Italy.
  11. I'm hoping that pic is photoshopped.
  12. I just called my closest store, he confirmed that their soaps state "Made in USA" on the side
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    None of those soaps are equal to AOS tallow-based soap. My opinion, but there it is.

    If this is true, I'm stocking up NOW.
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    Well, at least we still have Valobra shave sticks.
  15. Damn it.
  16. And C&S... for now.
  17. Thats not even my main concern. The last time a big retailer switched from Tallow to Veggie it went from top notch to utter garbage. I'm referring to Pen's btw. For some perspective, AOS is one of the very few tallow soaps in my den, and the only one I use with any regularly. So I am by no means a tallow fanatic.
  18. My thoughts, exactly.
  19. jkh


    That's it! I'm growing a beard.

    Oh, and pucks are now $30 instead of $26.
  20. :sneaky2: :thumbdown :angry:

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