Any hockey fans out there?

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  1. I live just outside of Pittsburgh and have grown up watching Super Mario, Jagr, Sid the kid, and my personal favorite Ulf.

    Is there anyone else out there who loves this game like I do?

    I played for over 10 years. Loved playing it, I love watching it, I love looking up hit and fight clips on youtube. I am even a member of FC's site. Too bad the sport doesn't get the attention it deserves. Or maybe after recent events, it does get the attention it deserves.
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    I just began to follow hockey and really enjoy it. I took my son to his first Coyote's game and we were going bananas. It is more crowd friendly than many other sports.
  3. I grew up watching the Broad Street Bullies and the Bruins square off. I spent 10 years refereeing and calling lines in Junior A hockey and no one ever got a concussion in a fair fight. This running guys, and blindsiding them is absolutely insane. Every week they are carrying someone else off the ice. One of these times, the guy won't be breathing. There was a time if a hit like that was delivered, then the team enforcer would straighten things out. Now, the hits just keep on coming. No pun intended. The NHL is pretty much out of control. And Colin Campbell doesn't want to set a precident. ??!*!
  4. As a lifelong Bruins fan, I take umbridge with your personal favorite.

    But, yes, I am a big hockey fan. Always have been and hopefully will always be. Now if I could just find a way to get the Whalers back in CT.
  5. Well I'm from Canada so it should be a given. I love hockey. The world juniors was great. The woman's olympic team was great. Now if we had a dedicated mens team that wasnt just nhl players that would be great as well. I do like the nhl games though dont get me wrong. In fact I just started playing hockey myself and now have a knee injury lol.
  6. I have been a fan of hockey now for about 12 years. Being from Australia, it's comparatively expensive to get into so I took the next best thing and played inline hockey for a couple of years.

    The first game I watched was a Ducks Vs Blackhawks game. And watching Tony Amonte and Eric Daze play cemented my support for the Blackhawks (although back then they weren't doing so well)
  7. Easy now, :biggrin1: I said I watched the Bullies, didn't say I liked them. If the truth be known, been a long time Bruin fan. Loved watching them at home, on that small ice, hammering anything that got in their way. Derek Sanderson et al. Just as long as it wasn't Montreal who took the Cup. But that's another story.
  8. Oh man, don't get me going on that front. How in the world did the league not find any malfeasance on that Marc Savard hit? Colin Campbell saying they watched it for over an hour from every angle and they couldn't find anything wrong with the hit. AND- then he's going on and on about how they can't just change the rule on that type of hit *just like that*, it takes time. WHAT? WHAAAAT? :cursing: If I shaved the way Colin watches tape, I'd have no nose and lips left.

    Remember when Sean Avery was waiving his hands and stick in front of Marty Brodeur? The next morning there was a new rule saying that type of conduct is strictly prohibited. Bah.

    Oops, I guess I got going on that front. Sorry.
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  9. :biggrin1: Actually, It's the OP's favorite, Mr. Samuelsson that I take umbridge with.

    Come to think of it, though, those wretched Flyers ain't too high up on my list, either.:wink2:
  10. What he said. Couldn't agree more.
  11. Yes, although as a lifelong Wings fan I'm not sure how I feel about responding to a thread started by a Penguins fan. :skep:

    Go Wings!
  12. I am not defending Cooke by any means but you saw almost the same hit by Mike Richards hit on David Booth. You can't not suspend one and then suspend the other. I know that the Cooke hit injured a serious member of a team with a questionable hit but you set a standard this season with hits after not suspending a star player.

    You saw this again this past week after Ovechkin getting a 2 game suspension and then seeing Wisniewski getting an 8 game suspension when Campbell (who Ovie hit) is out for likely the year and Seabrook (who Wisniewski hit) is already playing. I don't mind suspending players for dirty actions but be consistent.
  13. Right on!! We are Hockeytown!
  14. Started watching in 01 and have been a fan of the Penguins ever since. I figured since it was Mario's return from retirement when I watched my first full game it must be meant to be. Before that I had always played Hit the Ice on N64 and used the penguins for Mario and Jagr. Love those Penguins.
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    Faithfully since 1956.

    - Peter
  16. Best pic in this thread. After all we are the best in the world lol

  17. Flames fan here, sure it's been almost 21 years since they won the cup, but at least they're not the Leafs (my dad's team).
  18. Blues fan here, or as we have taken to calling them, the Cubs of Hockey.

    I played both Ice and Roller up until high school. Might take up roller again one of these days. Unfortunately here in St. Louis, baseball is king. I love the Cards as much as anyone, but the Blues get absolutely no love around here from the local media. You'll have the sport headline be an injury to some utility fielder in pre-season yet the results from the Blues game last night will be buried on the 3rd page.
  19. Long Time Hockey Fan.

    Couldn't afford to see the Penguins when I was a teen, so I would drive to the Johnstown War Memorial to watch the Chiefs play...

    For $5.00 you could get a great seat, see a great game by guys who played for the love of it, not the money, get a hot dog and a Coke and still have change left.

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