Alpa 378 Aftershave Splash

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by gaj90027, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. How about this one, anybody tried it besides me so far? :001_smile

    I also got a sample of this as a winner of a contest from Against The Grain:

    Alpa 378 is an amazing Irisch Moos clone, I have no idea which product was made first and do not mean this statement to be insulting to either product. The similarities are just that obvious to me that I had to point them out.

    Alpa 378 is slightly mentholated and has a wonderful scent that I found remarkebly similar to Irisch Moos. The scent lingered for about an hour and left my skin feeling nice and soft all evening. If you love Irisch Moos a/s but can't find it locally or don't want to pay through the nose for it give Alpa 378 a try. :thumbup1:
  2. Yeah, very good stuff. It costs me about... well one dollar for a bottle :w00t:. I find it similar to Irish Moos, but with more chypre scent. Just menthol and chypre... You get a big burn after that but it has fantastic healing properties. If you can, try it!
  3. If there is anything I can pick up for you in the USA in order to trade for a bottle of this aftershave I will glady make a trade with you.

    Sending you a PM right now as a matter of fact.
  4. joshmpdx

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    +1, this A/S is outstanding :thumbup:

    Irisch Moos doesn't hold a candle to 378
  5. malocchio

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    contains SEPTONEX ..... wonder what septonex is ??
  6. man, thanks for the link... I'm dying to try the Czech Pitralon!

    ...oh yeah, that other stuff, too.
  7. Septonex is desinfection stuff.
  8. I recently bought a bottle of this for 26 cents (US) - and that was at half-price! :biggrin1: Used it a couple of times. It's ok, has a very nice cooling effect, especially after shaving with Proraso cream. I find the scent devolves into something that brings to mind pine-scented floor cleaner, though that could be a body chemistry thing. My wife seems to be ok with it, and it doesn't make my daughter sneeze, so I guess I'll keep using it.

    bythbook, trust me, you do not want to try the Czech Pitralon. It's really vile stuff.
  9. Den


    I never heard of that site before or the product. They ship out of Toronto which isn't far from me. Thanks for sharing this info. :001_smile
  10. rockviper

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    I recently came into a bottle of Alpa 378, thanks to a generous PIF by Jopo. I have no idea what "chypre" smells like, but it smelled "funny" on the initial application. It quickly dired down to what I woudl call a "powdery fern" kind of scent, which is very nice and my skin feels great, even after using a 5-bladed cart fr shave #20.

    Additionally, the 50ml bottle looks to be a keeper, quite well suited to a travel kit.
  11. StuMcB

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    HAve had 378 a few times in the den but the UK supply seems to have dried up. I can get it from Europe but SWMBO says I've got to sort out my ASAD first.

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