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Discussion in 'The Score' started by manskirtbrew, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. Look what you guys started. Last week I wouldn't give a straight razor a second look, today they jumped off the shelves at me in the antique shop.

    What initially caught my eye was this guy, with the faux bamboo scales. One side is broken, but the blade looked so nice, I picked it up. Also, she gave it to me for 1/2 price :) Blade is 5/8". It's marked Magnetic on the blade, and Worcester Razor Co. on the tang.


    Right next to it was this guy, in a Brandt Razor box. I didn't want it to get lonely, and the box was so nice I grabbed him too. No marking on the blade, the tang is also marked Worcester Razor Co. Blade is 3/4" at the toe (making it a 6/8 blade, yes?)


    Then I hit one more shop that was full of hand planes, clamps, micrometers and other cool tools. When I asked the guy if he dealt in straight razors he said no, and followed with, "You're probably not looking for a safety razor." Sure, I'll take a look. Turns out it was a Müller & Schmitt travel razor kit that looks to be in pretty darn good shape. Looking at the alum and blades, I don't think it was ever used.

    $travel1.jpg $travel2.jpg

    So how'd I do for my first foray? Can anyone help me date these guys and pin down exactly what I've found?



    OT note: Hope it's ok that I started this thread, there being no March one yet. I'm still new here :)
  2. bakerbarber

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    I have the same razor!! Nice to be able to see what kind of set it came in. The one I have looks to be repaired. Like the center post came loose and someone soldered it.
  3. My birthday present from the gf came a few days all seems very B&B appropriate!


    I used to LOVE Old Spice Fresh when I had a bottle about 10 years ago (she got the hint after I brought it up a couple of times walking through the aftershave aisle), and I still like it today. And the watch was a total surprise!!! My other watch is all metal, so the rubber G-Shock is a nice change of pace.


    I got these ones, too. I like them both a lot.
  4. That Palmolive Classic on the bottom left is still my favorite cream, after trying about 10 others.
  5. I picked up a mystery brush at an antique store. Despite peering at the name on it with a loupe until I went crosseyed, I cannot make out the name on it. One side shows two lines of text very clearly "Nabob / pure badger." The other side? All I figure out is that it starts with an S. Then it looks like two m's. Any ideas? $photo (10).jpg $photo (11).jpg $photo (12).jpg $photo (13).jpg
  6. I found a Gillette Aristocrat, cased, for $9 less than two miles from my house. Went ahead and picked up the old, open-combed, ball-end Tech in case for five too. Not too shabby. I'll post pictures when they're cleaned up properly.
  7. You have a Simms which is made in Canada, the back side most likely reads
    NABOB (or NAROB) If you can read Nabob clearly, you have answered a question for me.
    Made in Canada

    I have a lot of Simms brushes, and several of this model, all are next to impossible to read

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  8. Gillette Bostonian in the case for €5.
    No blade holder and in pretty beat up condition.
    Mind you all teeth were present and straight.
  9. I picked these three razors up this week! I belive I got a New Standard, a Flair tip, and a Slim my eyes on a red tip, and a black SS!

  10. Fantastic! It sure looks like Nabob to me. Im trying to upload a pic, but it doesn't seem to work on my iPhone. I'll pm it to you.
  11. Went out for lunch today and stopped by a place named Pap's Trading Post. As far as razors, he only had a couple of Flare Tip SS's and some NOS Personna blades. But I did manage to make a deal on some NOS BarberShop soap, BarberShop Mug, and a BarberShop boar brush.

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  12. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor

    what kind of NOS Personna blades?
  13. Cool find, congratulations.
  14. Again, thanks Trenton. I'm on my laptop now, and I can post the image.

    $photo (14).JPG
  15. nice looking handle...should make a nice restore. :001_cool:
  16. I had a great day at "Thirsty's" today, a flea market in Winnipeg. Three brushes, a Williams Shave Stick container, an Ever Ready SE in a metal case, a Rotbart DE, and seven Gillettes. The caramel brush is a Simpson no. 507, and the red one on the left is a Pro-phy-lac-tic.
  17. Thanks Nicky66 it sure looks like the 3rd letter is a "B" so NABOB it is. I have a couple of these where the knot is only half gone and they are the softest badge I have ever come across.
    By the way you got some nice scores today.
  18. Looking forward to when Nicky66 puts some of those gillettes up on the mall....
  19. Yep, just need to clean them up and make sure they're operating as well as I think they are. My plan is to do some brush restos too, so stay tuned!

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