444 aftershave balm compared to RazoRock AfterShave Wax!

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by mctmatt, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. I am hoping Marco chimes in on this comparison has his used both of these products. I am curious as to how they differ and which people prefer. I am a big fan of the RazoRock Wax!
  2. rearviewmirror

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    They're totally different. I've used both.
    the 444 is the consistency of toothpaste, and should be mixed in with a favorite aftershave splash. it has no scent, but is packed full of menthol.
    the RR asw has a scent, is quite a bit more liquidy then the 444, and is used on its own.

    The odd thing: you need a pea sized amount of 444 but a very very very small pinky dip of RR asw.

    You could use the RR asw WITH the 444 if you wanted a mentholated RR asw.
  3. Have them both. Like them both for different reasons. The aftershave wax is more of an everyday balm that requires a small amount only. It soothes & calms better than 444. 444 is refreshing and invigorating, and I agree could be cut in with a small amount of witch hazel or an aftershave splash.
  4. Marco

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    Yes, I use both and love both. But they are also very different in formulation and in the way I use them. 444 is powerful, refreshing and moisturizing and I like to use it in combo with an aftershave splash. The RazoRock AS Wax is used alone and does not give that strong cooling sensation. But, in my opinion, it also has a better scent and leaves my skin slightly smoother. However I think you really cannot go wrong with either, these are truly two of the finest products available on the market.
  5. Marco, would an aftershave wax be more suited for cold weather months?
  6. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Definitely yes, David. During cold months my skin tends to be drier and I need something very moisturizing and protective. If you give a good look at the ingredients list on the RR AS Wax label, you will find many natural oils and skin friendly agents that certainly help. This issue (at least for me) is no longer a problem during hot months when my skin is already protected with its natural oils. Hence, in summer, I can switch to my favourite aftershave splashes. Nothing, however, prevents from using the AS Wax during hot days, too.
  7. Thanks to all and especially Marco for responding to my post. I will go ahead and place an order for 444. I am starting to understand the benefits and importance of using quality lotions and balms on my skin.
  8. Just ordered some 444 aftershave balm from theportugalonlineshop.

    Thanks Marco.
  9. I cannot comment on both, but I do use the 444 and love it. I just had to place my order last week at the Portugalonlineshop for more. My tube was going down fairly quick, and decided it was time to get my order in so I did not run out and have to wait a couple weeks before it got here. I use a pea size dab in the palm of my had with a splash of Old Spice and it makes my face feel really great. Any irritation I may have had from a shave is gone as soon as I apply the balm with the OS!.
    Wish someone local would sell it. The guys at the portugalonlineshop are great to work with.

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