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Wilkinson Sword

Company Info

Founded in London in 1772 as a maker of swords and guns, Wilkinson Sword claims to have begun making shaving instruments in 1898 when it says their Pall Mall safety razor was first manufactured. This razor was known for a strop design, whereby the wedge blade could be stropped in the razor holder using a leather strop that was fed through the head. Perhaps the best known early sets made by Wilkinson Sword are the 7-Day Sets which came with seven separate wedge blades, each marked for the day of the week.

After WWII Wilkinson overhauled their blade-making technology in partnership with the German company Osberghaus, first producing Fasan blades using uncoated stainless steel. By 1956 Wilkinson was making stainless steel blades in London, and in Solingen in 1961.[1] At this time Wilkinson introduced the PTFE-coated stainless steel blade, which was quickly taken up by both consumers and other blade companies. Today, virtually all DE blades are PTFE-coated stainless steel.

Later, Wilkinson became known for the Wilkinson "Sticky" double edge razor which used a normal double edge blade and had a special handle grip that when wet, made it "sticky" so that it was easy to hold and wouldn't slip out of the hand.

The company also made other products including gardening tools, scissors, typewriters and motorcycles. Wilkinson Sword produced some of the earliest motorcycles in 1903.

Today, the company is known as Schick Wilkinson-Sword and is a subsidiary of Energizer Holdings who bought the company from Pfizer in 2003. Energizer is most known for making batteries.



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