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We have only a few rules for using the B&B ShaveWiki. Please abide by them and everyone will be happy.
  • Follow the B&B Terms of Usage
  • Do NOT knowingly post any copyrighted content where you are not the owner of, or do not have permission to post, said content.
  • If using a forum post as the basis of an article, contact the owner first. Additionally, include a link back to the post for credit as well as discussion.
  • All information is to be unbiased, and shall not include opinions or preferences. Use the forum to discuss opinions and preferences.
  • Use templates when available. (These aren't formal wiki templates, but sample pages where members can cut and paste.)
  • Follow naming convention (first letter capitals and underscores) for file names. i.e. Shaving Brushes becomes Shaving_Brushes. Note that the wiki software will do this for you if you create a link to a blank page using just "Shaving Brushes".
  • Use a spellchecker before posting new articles or edits.


One good way to use the ShaveWiki is to simply run a "search" for the topic you are looking to learn about. You will be shown a listing of results and can make the appropriate selection.


If you happen to run a "search" for something that turns up null, you will be asked to create a new page for it. This is where you have an opportunity to contribute to the ShaveWiki and expand the wealth of information available here. The goal is to create a modern-day wetshavers' encyclopedia. It should be used as a reference, and further discussion can then take place back at B&B. So, if you find that something is missing, go ahead and add it! Or, add to pages if you have extra information.

Keep in mind, however, that as an encyclopedia...the ShaveWiki should be just that: an information resource. As opposed to being another site to state your views/opinions on vendors or products (that's what B&B is for!). So please strive to keep the tone and content here "informational."


If you run across a page that needs "work" or can be updated, please don't hesitate. Really, you won't blow it up. Go ahead and click one of the "Edit" links, usually found along the top of the page or along the right-side column. This will bring you to the source, or code....if you will. It's really quite simple, so just go ahead and start typing and refer to other portions of the ShaveWiki for help on general formatting. Or, for more advanced help, please direct your browser to the link below. Don't forget to hit save when you're finished editing!

Starting new pages

When starting a new page, please do not capitalise other than the first letter, except in names. This allows for easier linking within the wiki, especially in running text. For instance when writing about doing something difficult, that link will correctly lead to a page called Doing something difficult, but not Doing Something Difficult.To start a new page, simply click on "Post New Article" at the top of the page.
You can also link to a page that does not exist. This link will be read, meaning that the page does not yet exist. Click on the red link to edit the new page. Once information has been saved, the link will show blue, meaning the link has a valid target page.

Uploading Pictures/Files

In order to add pictures to a wiki page you'll first need to upload them to the wiki. But before we do that please name your images in a self descriptive and useful manner. Once you've got that out of the way you're ready to upload them to the wiki by clicking on the Upload file link on the left.

This will bring you to the file uploading tool where you can create a new Image page, attach your image, and upload it to the wiki. Use the Uploading Images in Wiki if you need further help.

Please only upload pictures that will be used in the main part of the Wiki (i.e. not in user pages). If you have a picture you want to use on B&B, but isn't for direct use in the Wiki, there is the B&B members' gallery.

Adding Pictures to wiki pages

The preferred way to add a picture to the wiki is to upload it into the wiki first (see previous section). Once a picture has been uploaded it can be added to any wiki page you'd like with the tags "gallery" (multiple images) or "image" (single image).

To add an image gallery so you can insert many images in one place use:

caption="my first caption" | Image_abcd.jpg
caption="my second caption" | Image_efgh.jpg

To add a single image that already exists, use the "image" tag:


To add an image from another site (not recommended, since the remote image may change or disappear), use the "img" tag:


Redirect Pages

Some page names might have multiple commonly-expected titles. For instance, someone might go to the "President" page but find nothing, since the page is titled Gillette_President. However, a 'redirect page' has been put in place at President. Redirect code looks like this:


And that should be the only line on the redirect page.

Different Font Sizes/Styles

There are a few basic sizes/styles of fonts used on this wiki which are simple to use when editing a page. The following will show you how to use them while editing and what they look like. Each of these uses the "h" BBcode as markup for section headers.

[H="1"]heading level 1[/h="1"]
[h="2"]heading level 2[/h="2"]
[h="3"]heading level 3[/h="3"]
[h="4"]heading level 4[/h="4"]
[h="5"]heading level 5[/h="5"]

You can also use simple BBcode to change the text formatting as follows.

[font=courier]this text is in the courier font[/font]

Need More Help?

Start with the Wiki Code List, and the BBcode reference. Some example formatting and further instructions can be found here. Finally, the Advanced Wiki Syntax is also available

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