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The Wiki code list is currently what we have as instructions: http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Special:Wikicodelist

In order to complete those instructions, here's more information on what we could document. This page is a more advanced guide to the Simplified Wiki User Guide. Keep in mind that all the spaces, capital writing or not, hitting return and leaving a blank line, are necessary...


Wiki only pictures should be added this way <Tutorial here on how to upload a picture in Wiki>

There are two ways to use those pictures in Wiki
  • IMAGE wrap code
  • Gallery

Image wrap code

The code is as follow [IMAGE][/IMAGE].

The parameters separated by: |
thumb - Thumbnail
left - Display the picture on the left
right - Display the picture on the right
100px - size of the picture, here 100px, it could be smaller or bigger (
Comment under picture - It is important to have a Capital letter so Wiki distinguish a parameter vs. comment

You can also add (no quotes) "?w=xxx&h=xxx" right after the JPG characters to resize your image
e.g. [I M G]mysillypicture.jpg?w=200&h=250[/I M G]

thumb|right|100px|This is a comment[/IMAGE]
This is a comment

The gallery will display all the pictures that are specified between the gallery code.

caption - This will either add a comment under the picture or on top of the Gallery
|Comment - This will add a comment when your mouse is on the picture
widths="100px" - This will define the size of the thumbnail - here 100 pixels width
heights="100px" - This will define the height of the thumbnail - here 100 pixels height


Gettingstarted_01.jpg|This is a comment


A table is very useful in Wiki to display the information properly. A table is sometime used to replace the gallery as it is sometimes difficult to display the information correctly. Most of the time, tables are used in order to display the information such as the US Gillette Dating Information.

! - Title in a table, by default centred
cellpadding - No idea what it does
cellspacing - No idea what it does
width - width of the table or column for your screen
style="border:none" - Invisible border
border - Style of border
colspan - column span (This cell will cover X columns)
cellspan - Cell span (This cell will cover x rows)
class="wikitable sortable" - Enable table sorting when clicking on columns

[TABLE] width="50%"
[LEFT]Title one left[/LEFT]Tile two centered by default[RIGHT]Title three right[/RIGHT]
Over 2 columnsColumn 3
Over 2 rowsAB
Title one left​
Tile two centered by default
Title three right​
Over 2 columnsColumn 3
Over 2 rowsAB
[TABLE]class="wikitable sortable"
Column AColumn BColumn C
Column AColumn BColumn C

Table of Contents

To turn off the table of contents summary, built off of headers, put this at the top of the wiki page:

Show code

To display code rather than executing it, enclose the code in [ICODE][/ICODE]

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