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Schick Platinum

Schick Platinum Safety Razor

Schick Platinum
Manufacturer:Eversharp, Inc. & Warner-Lambert
Dates in Production:ca. 1960-?
Type:DE, Twist To Open, Safety Bar


Notes of Interest:
At least 1 NOS found with the markings 'Schick Safety Razor Co. Division of Eversharp of Canada LTD.' indicating that it was produced
before the acquisition of the Schick brand by Warner-Lambert in 1970.
Manufactured in West Germany by Schick Feintechnik G.M.B.H, in Spenge.
Manufactured in Holand by Schick Nederland BV, in Amsterdam.
Can be found with plastic TTO or metal TTO.
Sold in Japan under the name Schick No. D60.
Available in different colours.

Patent information:
  • US3466746: filed 1967-08-21, issued 1969-09-16. Sectional cap type double edge safety razor unit.


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