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Safety Razor Grips


This page intends to document how to hold a Safety Razor. Different threads were used to document the various grips. [1] [2]

How do I hold my Safety Razor?

There are two main ways to hold a safety razor. Some are more comfortable with one, others use both.

Balance Point Method

This method works for any razor, Single Edge, Gillettes, Merkurs, etc. It gives you maximum control and is the best way to let THE WEIGHT OF THE RAZOR DO THE WORK, without putting any additional pressure on the blade. It works especially well with heavy razors like the Sledgehammer Slant (Merkur 39C.)

  • First, Span the razor across your finger, finding the center of gravity. This is where the head and the handle will be in equilibrium.

  • Use 2 fingers, 3 fingers, whatever you find comfortable. I hold mine between index and thumb. You'll know you have the right place when you can "twiddle" the razor like a pencil.

  • Using the Balance Point Method, you can accurately guide the razor anywhere you want it to go. You can use it WTG, ATG, or XTG, and guide it in accurately for detail areas and trouble spots.

There will be minimum pressure on your skin, and maximum harvesting of whiskers. Practice for a day or two using "dry runs" without a blade, until you get comfortable with the technique.

Credits to jsj_297 for the pictures.

Credits to Ackvil for the pictures.[3]

It is useful to hold the razor as lightly as you can without it falling from your hand. Let the weight of the razor do the work for you. I use two fingers and my thumb to hold the razor with another finger resting on the tip of the handle. This results in holding the razor very lightly with no pressure on the razor. See for example:

Holding the razor by the tip of the handle

Credits to Kyle for the pictures.

Gillette's recommendations

Here are instructions from Gillette on how to grip your Safety Razor.

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