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Company Info


Penhaligon's is an iconic English fragrance house, which produces 22 fragrances for both sexes. Now known as much for its eclectic collections of handmade glass, silver and leather goods as its fragrances, the company dates back to the late 1860's, when Penzance native William Penhaligon opened a barber shop next door to the Hammam turkish baths in London. A true Victorian of sharp wit and creative passion, Penhaligon soon counted the the highest ranks of London's most cosmopolitan society as his patrons, as the city's bon-vivants flocked to Penhaligon to try his lush and exotic fragrances.

Royal Warrants

Penhaligon's gained its first Royal Warrant near the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. Since then the company has obtained Warrants from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956 and HRH The Prince of Wales in 1988.

The Bottle

All of Penhaligon's fragrances come in a signature clear glass bottle with a distinctive ball-shaped cap. The necks of these caps are wrapped in trademark fabric bows, which are usually decorated with the individual colors of the fragrance. A recognized symbol of Penhaligon's the company considers these bottles to be important sources of tradition and exclusivity.

Product Info

Blenheim Bouquet: Perhaps the most famous of Penhaligon's Men's fragrances is the archetypal English lemon and pine masterpiece Blenheim Bouquet, named for the ancestral home of the Duke of Marlborough. As with D.R. Harris' signature scent Arlington, Penhaligon's offers the Blenheim scent in a wide range of ancillary products, like deodorants and bath oils, they do not offer in most of their other fragrances.

Fragrances: While Blenheim may be the signature scent of the company, it was not their first fragrance. That honor goes to another Penhaligon's classic from the 19th century, Hammam Bouquet. Named for the bath house where the young Penhaligon got his start in London, Hammam is a rich and intoxicating fragrance of Turkish Rose Otto. Other notable Men's offerings include Douro, a subtle Eau d'Portugal, Castile, a cologne in the Italian Colonia style, Racquets, a deep blend of vetiver and fern, the highly admired English Fern, and Endymion, a black pepper oriental named for a disastrously attractive Greek King.

Aftershaves: Penhaligon's offers aftershave splashes in the Blenheim Bouquet, Castile and English Fern fragrances and aftershave balms in the Blenheim, Endymion, and Opus 1870 scents. The aftershave splashes are 100ml glass splash bottles, while the balms are in 150 ml plastic tubes.

Shave Creams: Penhaligon's offers a range of luxury shaving creams, including Blenheim, Castile, Endymion, and Opus 1870. These creams, like the balms, come in 150 ml tubes. The Blenheim is also available in a 150 ml glass jar with a silver plated lid.

Shave Soaps: At present the only shaving soaps available are in the Blenheim Bouquet and English Fern fragrances. These greatly admired soaps are 100 grams and are available either in a wooden lidded bowl or in refill form.

Other Products: Penhaligon's offers bath soaps in the Blenheim and English Fern fragrances, as well as in Quercus, an extraordinarily clean oak scent. The soaps are 100g each and come in boxes of three. Body talc, in 100g cans, are available in both Blenheim and English Fern. 200 ml bottles of bath and shower gel are available in all of the Men's fragrances with the exception of Hammam Bouquet.


UKThe Mother Ship:
Penhaligon's By Request
18 Beauchamp Place
London SW3 1NQ
United Kingdom
Other Locations
Penhaligon's has over a dozen stores in the UK, including 10 in London.
Major Stockists:
Within the UK major stockists include Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, and Selfridge's.
USAUS Stockists:
At present Penhaligon's is in the process of opening a flagship store in New York City. Until it is open Penhaligon's has a counter in the famous Saks department store in Manhattan.
Penhaligons, Saks Fifth Avenue
611 Fifth Avenue
New York
NY 10022
Telephone: 212 940 4322

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