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Merkur 37

Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar

Merkur 37C
Dates in Production:? - Present
Type:DE, 2 Piece, Slant Bar
Weight:2.7 oz / 76 g
Height:8.5 cm

  • 37C has a Chrome finish
  • 37G has a Gold color finish
Notes of Interest:
  • The Merkur 37 is a slant bar DE by Merkur which, aside from the slant bar, is the same as the Merkur HD.
  • Merkur manufactured the slant for other brands as well, including: Lunawerk, Pomco, Coles, Hoffritz, and Brumml, West-Germany.
  • The Merkur 39 is a long-handle slant, and heavier.
  • Also known as model 198 via Colonel Conk, the USA importer.
  • Merkur 37 B&B Reviews

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