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Gillette England Dating Information

Single Ring Serial Numbers

The conversation that spawned this data collection is ongoing, and can be found here in this thread.

Gillette's earliest British factory was in Leicester, England, and began its operations early in 1909. As best as we can currently tell it seems that it probably ceased its operations sometime between 1914 and 1915, and Gillette had apparently vacated the facility by 1916. During this time it appears that the company used several different serial number prefixes. It seems unlikely that the plant's production during these years would have been high enough to warrant these having been used in series, like the American plant's use of A, B, C, etc. Rather, it appears that these series were probably being run in parallel. One possible explanation is that the prefix was used to designate the market that the razor was destined for (E for England, F for France, G for Germany, etc.). Another is that Gillette may have had different production lines that each used their own prefix to track their production. A third speculates that E stands for razors made in England, F for made in France and H for made in Germany. Hopefully, as we gather more examples, we'll be able to come to a more definitive conclusion.

In the table below, the "Patent Stamp Type" value of 1 refers to Brit.Pat.No.28763 of 02

The box in which the razor was found is of lesser significance due to the prevalence of miss-matches. Given that qualification, the “Remarks” column contains the following abbreviations:

NOB - Not Original Box
SL - Gillette Logo in Bold Script printed on the cloth in the box lid.
SIDL - Diamond Logo with “Known the World Over” sewn into the cloth in the box lid.
DL - Diamond Logo with “Known the World Over” printed on the cloth in the box lid.
BPB - Leather covered box with British Patent Statement on base.
MB - Metal Box
CBB - Cardboard Blade Box(es)
MBB - Metal Blade Box(es)

Important note: Please do not link to external pages that may be transient as references for the examples entered in this table, and under no circumstances should eBay auction links be used as references. We've already lost a number of these examples because they are no longer available at the original location. If the reference isn't already in a B&B thread please add a post with photos to our main discussion thread on this subject, or if you're not sure how to do that post a request for assistance there and one of us will be happy to help you.

Full Serial NumberLocation of Serial StampLocation of Patent StampPatent Stamp TypeDiamond LogoG-inside-D StampOwnerLocation FoundReference LinkRemarks
E 92026Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NSquareDragonmasterSpainLink
E111461Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NYes/Square?EbayFranceLinkBPB*, DL, MBB
E111857Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNoHobgoblinCanadaLink
E115098Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoStarromsitsaHungaryLinkNOB
E116149Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02StargearchowLinkNOB
E116205Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NOne under CapSquareUseless shaverFranceLinkSL; MBB
E130131Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NNoSquareUseless shaverEnglandSIDL; CBB
E156644Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNo782sirbrianUKLinkBPB; DL; MBB
E187037Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoSteve_MAustraliaLink
E194038Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoUseless ShaverUKLinkDL; BPB; MBB
E202419Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleElmerwoodLinkDL; MBB
E202482Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoublemountainseaLink
E203238Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleTurtledrumLinkBPB; DL;MBB
E214863Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoRonnieHLinkBPB;
E216343Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNo782sirbrianUKLinkSIDL; BPB; MBB
E239300Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoMacDaddyLink
E266131Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02On top of the baseplateNotonichUKLink
E291160Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoromsitsaFranceLinkNOB
E295135Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02Double782sirbrianUKLinkCombination; SIDL; MBB
F018558Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNokt66UKLinkSL; BPB.
F021233Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoYesincusoLink
F 59205Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NNoSquareAchimLinkScript Box; No BP.
F165374Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NNoSquarenuclearblastLinkBPB; DL
F206586Outer BarrelNoneNoneDoubleSquareGBinOZFranceLinkBPB; SIDL; MBB
F223827Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04 ?SquareeBayLinkTravel Case;SIDL;MBB
F251016Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquarehighballLinkBPB; DL;MBB
F259841Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareTristanLudlowGermanyLinkBPB; SIDL; MBB
F265342Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareUseless shaverGermanyLinkDL; CBB;
F266571Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquaremr-razorGermanyLinkDL; MB; MBB
F312365Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquarethekingeLinkBPB; DL;MBB
F305355Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareanagumaLinkMB; SIDL;
F322086Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareCDK20007ItalyLinkSL; CBB
F326528Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04 ?Yes ?eBayLinkMB; DL; MBB
F330687Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquarericmadocItalyLinkBPB; SIDL; CBB
F359687Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareromsitsaLinkBPB; DL;
F363109Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareeBayLinkBPB; DL;CBB
F380113Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareeBayLinkSL; CBB
F383656Outer BarrelInner BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NDoubleSquareUseless
H000882Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNoGBinOZUKLink
H003530Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoYesGBinOZFranceLinkMB; DL MBB
Plate Top
BR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNo782sirbrianUKMB;DL MBB
H014236Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNo782sirbrianUKMB; DL MBB
H014279Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02NoNo782sirbrianUKMB; DL MBB
H028400Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleStarLord TechLinkMB; DL MBB
H060192Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoItsAllGravyEnglandLink
H072604Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNoalancrabEnglandLink
H084520Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleNomjclarkEnglandlink linkNOB
H094???Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoubleERVARGASNYLinkNOB
K000791Outer BarrelInner BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02DoublelarzoneLinkSIDL; MBB
KCC6422 (possibly K006422)Guard Plate TopNone-AchimLinkBPB
TC436331Guard Plate TopOuter BarrelBR.PAT.No.28763.02CDK2007Link
G 5031Inner BarrelOuter Barrel1NoAchimLinkSingle Ring (smooth handle)
G024867Guard Plate BottomNoneNoneDoubleNoAchimLinkPocket Edition (ABC)
G051727Guard Plate BottomNoneNoneDoubleNoNightguardLinkPocket Edition (ABC)
H711612Inner barrelOuter Barrel1AchimLinkSL; CBB
E 45623Inner barrelOuter BarrelPAT.NOV.15.04.NNoneSquareeBayLinkMB; DL; MBB


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