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The Different Scent

The English Scent

  • Goethestr. 15, 10625 Berlin
    • Small selection of double edge razors (2 muhle), small selection of Simpson brushes.
    • Pre shave, Soaps (Floris, DR Harris, Czech & Speake, GFT & TOBS), Creams (Cyril R Salter, DR Harris, GFT), Post shave & EDT/EDP.

Denn's Biomarkt

  • Various locations


  • Various locations


  • Various locations
    • Tüff aftershave for sensible skin ("Tüff Rasierwasser sensitiv")

Frankfurt am Main

Please note the stock below is not all inclusive. Many other shaving items (e.g. multi-blade catridges, mainstream ***, etc.) can be found at these retailers. Those deemed most interesting for the average traditional wet shaver have been listed.


Kobberger Parfuemerie / Drogerie

  • Zeil 127 an der Hauptwache, 60313 Frankfurt, 069/281035
    • Speick (stick, shave cream, AS, ASB)
    • Irisch Moos (stick, shave cream, AS)
    • Tabac (soap, stick, shave cream)
    • Marbert Man (shave cream)


  • Zeil
    • Tabac (full line)
    • TOBS (various creams and ***)
    • Gold Dachs soap
    • Wilkinson, Rotbart, Gillette Bleue Extra, Merkur DE razor blades
    • Merkur razors (various)
    • Full range of badger brushes


  • Bockenheimer Anlage 49-50, 60322 Frankfurt, 069/976931399
    • Merkur razors (limited range)
    • Merkur DE razor blades



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