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Fatip Safety Razor

Rasoio Fatip

Rasoio Fatip
Manufacturer:Pafaro (Ilario Fazzini)
Dates in Production:1950s(?)-present[1]
Type:DE, 3-Piece (short), Open Comb

Description: Open comb DE razor. Lined handle. Commonly plated in chrome, though variants exist (see below). Generally considered an aggressive shaver.

Notes of Interest:
  • Manufactured in Premena Italy, the Fatip was also sold under the Muhle_R89 (R89, pre-2009 version) and Premax[2] brands.
  • The head design is similar to, but not the same as, the current Joris open comb head [ Joris is also made by Fatip for Plisson of France, Plisson hand finishes it then plates it in palladium and adds a variety of custom handles].
  • FaTip Origins Thread

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