After spending some time on B&B you might notice that some users have badges. Badges come in four main types.

  • Contributor: for contributing to the upkeep of B&B.
  • Commerce: paid member of a B&B vendor program.
  • Recognition: veteran, active duty, special events, archivist.
  • Role: for being a mod, steward, etc.

[​IMG]RecognitionActive military service? Sign up for the active duty badge.
[​IMG]RecognitionPreserves shaving related information offsite
[​IMG]CommerceSign up for the Brown Leaf program.
[​IMG]RecognitionRelates to colorectal cancer awareness month.
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]ContributorSupport B&B.
[​IMG]CommerceDiscontinued program.
[​IMG]RecognitionExhaust every known vegetarian lunch option in one week.
[​IMG]RecognitionPast military service? Sign up for the veteran badge.

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