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Badger & Blade Vendor Program Policy and Guidelines

B&B is the largest, most active wet shaving forum on the internet. We have consciously broadened our areas of interest to extend to other gentlemanly pursuits beyond traditional wet shaving, thus increasing our membership and influence. The advantages of a commercial membership on B&B are compelling. We are the largest on-line community dedicated to the fine art of the traditional shave and other related gentlemanly pursuits. As such, a commercial membership on B&B will expose your business to a large audience of potential customers who are energized and dedicated to the topics and products discussed in our forums.

Vendors who enroll in the program receive:

  • A dedicated storefront/subform exclusively for their business use. The storefront will bear the vendor’s business name (or any other name they choose, within reason). Vendors will be able to start an unlimited number of threads within your own storefront to advertise products, announce promotions and giveaways or hold contests.
  • You will be able to interact more freely with members within your storefronts about products and services you offer. Free and open discussion within your personal forums about goods and services will benefit all involved. You should still expect in-depth, specific questions about your products and/or services and be prepared to discuss topics including manufacturing processes and ingredients.
  • 300 character signature line may be used to promote your business [NOTE: 350 characters are allowed if using BB code]. You can use the signature line to link to your website and/or your B&B Storefront
  • Ability to use the "Proud supporter of B&B" logo on your website
  • Expanded Private Message limit (500)
  • Increased gallery space
  • Exclusive access to the vendor lounge - a discussion forum open only to subscribed vendors and B&B moderators.
  • Ability to create your own listing in the Vendor Hall of Fame.

Vendor Fees:

Please contact one of our team members for more info.

Guidelines & Vendor Etiquette:

It remains our policy to keep Badger and Blade commercial free (with the exception of the designated Marketplace forums). We welcome Vendor participation in the core forums of B&B and believe it enhances the membership's experience here. Adhering to the guidelines below will enhance your forum experience and allow your business to have visibility in the community.

1) You may not add or reply to product reviews in the "reviews" section of B&B. This is to prevent "shilling" or posting of reviews for financial motives. If a Vendor wants to post a review for a product they clearly have no financial interest in (for example, you sell razors but are reviewing a scotch), please contact a moderator and we can add it to the review system manually.

2) Unsolicited E-mail and PMs to members are strictly prohibited and are cause for immediate cancellation of membership at B&B.

3) You are not allowed to use the new BST Marketplace forum to sell items or alert members to sales/promotions. Vendors may use the BST Marketplace to sell non-stock (e.g. personal) items only.

4) You must respect members’ opinions, and cannot argue with or badger members on negative reviews as long as they are factual and respectful. If you have an issue please contact the Vendor team.

5) You are welcome to respond to questions and participate in discussions in the various forums outside of the Vendor Forum. You can talk about your experience with various products and answer questions about technique or product formulation but anything that could be perceived as a sales pitch for your business should be avoided. Err on the side of caution.

6) If you have any questions about the Vendor Program or this policy, please contact a member of the B&B Vendor Team via PM. In this case it is easier to ask permission than beg forgiveness.

New Vendors to Badger and Blade are encouraged to read as many posts as they can in our forums. You'll see that there are many of your peers that are able to adhere to the posting guidelines and also add value in the other forums without making those discussions commercial in nature. You'll also quickly notice that our members regularly praise various vendors' goods and services. You can't have a more effective way to promote your outfit here than letting satisfied members do it for you!

Guidelines for Vendor Contests:

Each vendor shall hold their contests only within their own dedicated subforum.

Vendors should use good judgment when selecting prizes for contests.

As these contests are advertisements (albeit nice ones), vendors may not request anything more than creativity from our members. Money, postage or donations may not be requested in exchange for entry.

Contests may not be used to collect member contact information for the use of advertising via private message or any other means. This would be a violation of the site Terms of Use and will result in immediate suspension of Vendor privileges.

Contest entries may be solicited in the thread, via PM, via email, and/or via Vendor's website.

Managing Vendor Subscriptions:

It is your responsibility to manage your subscription through PayPal.

We do not refund subscriptions.

Subscriptions are not managed automatically. Upon their expiration, you will need to go to the contribute page and manually renew your subscription. You will receive an automatically generated notification email when your subscription has expired.

Those who wish to enroll in the program and become supporting vendors at B&B may contact any member of the B&B Vendor Team and request an application.

The B&B Vendor Team:

@never-stop-learning (David)

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