Well folks, your friendly moderator team decided a while back that we have a couple of problems. 1) We have way more members than we did just a few short months ago, and 2) We have a lot of outstanding members, eager to contribute, but with no specific means of doing so outside of posting in threads and hitting that pretty green link at the top of every page. "Wouldn't it be great," said we, "if we could find a way to harness the energy of our members in making a growing site seem even more welcoming, personal, and informative for all?"

Out of those discussions arose the B&B Steward program.

Stewards have been selected by the moderator team for their demonstrated good ideas, level-headedness, gentlemanly nature, helpfulness to fellow members, and overall dedication to our fine site. The selection of these individuals was based upon their faithful membership and the joyful camaraderie that these individuals regularly bestow upon us at B&B.

Steward positions are not permanent, and we look forward to adding/revolving different stewards over the coming months and years. The idea is that each of us has different strengths and visions for ways to improve our site, and that by creating the Steward program we might more effectively harness the ideas of more and more of our great members for the good of all.

What specifically do our Stewards do?

Each Steward is assigned one specific forum to shepherd. You'll certainly find them developing and implementing threads/wiki articles/buys/giveaways/etc. designed to advance discourse in their particular forums (they may even ask for your ideas and assistance!).

Beyond specific innovations, though, you'll also have our Stewards to rely on in a more formal capacity as helpful answers of questions, sounding boards for concerns and ideas, and overall ambassadors of all things B&B. Stewards want to hear from you!

Stewards are also crucial to effective moderation of the largest shave forum on the planet in that they, because of their focus on one specific part of the site, are the first to notice trends, troubles, and opportunities .

Finally, you can rest assured that anyone with the "Steward" tag under their user name exemplifies the gentlemanly discourse we strive to attain here. There are many, many fine members here. It's our pleasure to be able to recognize more and more of them as Stewards over time. Here's to many, many great contributions to the future of B&B.