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Founded by Friedrich Herkenrath in 1932 this razor competed directly with other German makers such as Merkur. There are some real classics such as the "Ben-Hur" adjustable and several travel cases along with an Apollo slant. Apollo adjustable razor allowed for the adjuster knob to be detached from the razor handle and the inner mechanism could be twisted up or down to change the blade exposure beyond what was possible with the adjuster knob.

Unfortunately the Apollos often used pot metal in the head design. This lower quality metal didn't maintain the plating as well as solid brass so the plating often peeled off or the head got corrosion.

The early Apollo adjustable razors were released (at the latest) in 1955, before Gillette released their first adjustable razor like the Toggle and Fatboy razors.

Product Info


Apollo Mikron with instruction sheet
adjuster tip
Apollo in Gold and Nickel
Apollo slant razor
Apollo slant and case
Apollo DE
Apollo traveler sets
bakelite black handle Apollo
Bake lite 3 piece set
Apollo Drail/Bake lite set
Apollo-traveler set
Apollo traveler slant
Apollo bake lite Drail set and similar steel Drail set
Apollo 1950 era set and case
Apollo adjustable
Black Bake lite handle
Apollo #112 and #10 [from Jakes collection]

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