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Your "Yardstick" Pipe Tobaccos

Do you have tobaccos against which others are measured? What are your frames of reference for different styles of blends? English? Aromatic? Oriental/Balkan? Va/Vaper? And why that particular blend?
I like many of the Pease English blends, but my favorite is probably Penzance. There are several Vapers on my A list, Dorchester, Escudo, and St. James Flake. I like burleys, some don't. The Aged Burley Flake is my favorite straight burley. When it comes to VAs I favor F&T Cut VA Plug, Full VA Flake, Goldbrick VA Plug, and Brown Bogie.

Irish Flake and Stonehaven (I have a huge stockpile) are perhaps my all time favorites, along with 1792, also Kendal Twist.

And, to cap it off I thoroughly enjoy Lakeland District tobaccos, even Ennerdale.

I like mostly plugs, twists, and flakes.
I've only tried about a dozen tobaccos, but for English my standard is SG Skiff Mixture. It's still my favorite, and probably one of the only tobaccos I will buy again (there's too many out there to try). For virginias, it's SG Best Brown Flake. However, I haven't been able to try FVF yet.
For Va I tend to think of Rattray's Marlin Flake or SG FVF
I when I think Perique I usually think of Old Joe Kranz
For a standard English it's 965
And oriental is Squadron Leader

I smoke quite a lot of the Lakeland scented plugs and twists, but that reminds me of what a Grateful Dead poster my brother used to have read-

"They're the best at what they do, they're the only ones that do what they do."
As a benchmark standard English I think mine is probably Westminster by GL pease. I also tend to like most of Pease's offerings. For VA flakes it either has to be Germains Brown flake, or Gawiths BBF. I prefer BBF to FVF myself, but won't turn down FVF either.

Vlad if you like SG's BBf, you should like Germains offering.

I also like twists and ropes.
VA: McCranie's Red Ribbon and McClelland Aurora

English Mixture: 3 Oaks Syrian

Burley: Uhle's 00

VAPer: Escudo

Cigar Blend: Key Largo

Lakeland: Condor:blink:

can't think of anything else at the moment. Mainly I smoke from the first two categories on the list.
VAper blend: GLP Haddo's Delight (dark) and Reiner's Long Golden Flake (light)
Burley: Edgeworth Sliced (R.I.P.)
English: Gawith Squadron Leader
Oriental: Esoterica Penzance
Virginia: 5100 Red Cake (when aged well), Gawith Full VA Flake (Mature VA), and Dark Star (reference stoved VA)
Virginia: Sam Gawith's FVF or McClelland's 5100
Burley: Pipeworks and Wilke's Nut Brown Burley
VaPer: Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Bullseye Flake
English: G.L. Pease Westminster
Oriental: Sam Gawith's Squadron Leader
Aromatic: Pipeworks and Wilke #191 or Vermont Maple Cavendish.
C&D Blockade Runner, MB Navy Flake and MB Plumb Cake...they have to be at least as good as these, or I give them to someone or put them out as samples in a box pass....
i like dunhill tobaccos mostly
however i do like stonehaven too it burns oooo so nice however if i smell it before hand it brings me nausia haha anyways
for the aeromatics i like blue note


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For VA's, my favorites were Astley's No. 109, Rattray's Marlin Flake, and Esoterica's Stonehaven.
Taste changes for me over the years.
H&H: Classic Burley Kake, AbFab, tastes great not as the nose from the bag
Rich's: Grandpa's, like the above but perfect balance. Merlinesque blender
C & D: Pegasus with a wee Black Cav added
Uhle's: Bishops Move
McCranies: Bishop Burley
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