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Your favorite local brewery

Nebraska Brewing Company is just a few miles up the road for me, and is my favorite brewery in this area. Their best known beer is HopAnomaly, a cross between a strong IPA and a Trippel. Some of their more "ordinary" beers are also very enjoyable, including a nice IPA, a popular pale ale (Cardinal), and AleStorm, a light ale that is a bit Pilsnerish and is specifically made to drink while watching baseball.
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My state of West Virginia has just recently started getting into the craft beer scene. We have I think 10 breweries with another one about to open up. Only a few of them can be purchased outside of the state. This is one I tried a few weeks ago and it was very good. Mothman Black IPA from Greenbrier Valley Brewing.
44miles to the west is Ringwood Brewery - regular family visit to load up with fresh ale straight into jugs and flagons - Fortyniner and Old Thumper being the preferred two. We've been known to partake in a few of their brewery tours and... ahem... we're rather well known to them... (camping/caravan/cottage holidays always starts on the day with a visit to the brewery to load up, usually with a pidgin or polypin).

10miles to the east is Arundel Brewery - particularly nice heavy is Old Knucker.

23miles to the east is Dark Star Brewery (on the doorstep of my sister and brother in law) - many exceptional ales including American Pale Ale, 80 shilling, Revelation, and Hophead.

Got some other micros nearby but haven't checked them out yet.
I’m in Corvallis Oregon and Bend to the east of us is where Deschutes brewery is. The Deschutes river goes right through the town. They’re great, can’t go wrong with any of their flavors!! Always dependable...!
Love jumping on the bike and riding 30 miles N for a Bru Man Chu Tripel at Fat Point in Punta Gorda! Ft. Myers Brewing has some good stuff, too. I think my favorite there is OYA DIPA.
That's tough. So many good breweries here in the Chicago area. But have to say Hop Butcher of the World is pretty good.


I’m in Grand Rapids Michigan. Within 40 miles I have Founders, New Holland, Atwater (Detroit) has a tap room here, Brewery Vivant, and Bells is just down the road in Kalamazoo. Old Nation is a little further away but their M-43 is worth the drive (it’s really just for the road trip since I can buy it local). There are multiple other smaller breweries around here that are turning out some excellent brews that I have forgotten the names of. Grand Rapids was named Beer City USA for a reason. The beer is so good I’ve gained 20lbs since moving here.
I’m glad this thread got revived, it’s fun to check out everyone’s favorite locals.
Here in Los Angeles my favorites are Cellador Ales and Monkish Brewing.
If I was allowed to expand closeby to Orange County, I’d add in The Breuery and Beachwood Brewing.
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