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Yes, Another Success Story.

Like many who frequent B&B I used to have a terrible time shaving. I would go through every product advertised on TV (manual or electric) hoping beyond hope that I would find something that didn’t leave my face looking like it had just gone through a cheese grater or feeling like I put a blow torch to my face (aren’t electrics just grand?). Alas, nothing worked:mad: .

Then, rather fortuitously, I came across this article. I decided to give wet shaving a try; seeing as how nothing else seemed to work. After some more research (here mostly) I bought a Merkur HD, a C&E best brush, and some Proraso cream and aftershave. It worked (as you may have guessed from the title of this here thread) fantastically. Not only do I get a close, irritation free shave, I actually enjoy shaving now. Plus the HD is such a sexy tool. Next to it my Fusion looks like a deformed beast straight out of a toxic New Jersey swamp.

It’s funny, I never really heard of wet shaving before. I mean I did see it in movies (you know those gangster flicks with the scenes in a barber shop) but I just thought it was some weird old way of shaving and dismissed it. Well, it probably is a weird old way of shaving, but it is a darn effective one.

Now I just have to avoid the temptation of SCAD, RAD, and BAD. Luckily I’m still young (so loose cash is not something I have an abundance of), trying to save up for law school, and (perhaps more importantly) would rather buy groceries than shaving cream:wink: .

Oh, and thanks to everyone here for their tips.
Welcome George, and keep up the good work. When your position changes and you start forgoing food so you can buy that new brush that keeps you up at night let us know. We will send you your decoder ring.
I think you'll find that somehow there seems to just be enough cash lying around for...oh i don't know...say...a tub of Taylor's...or maybe....say...a bottle of Thayer's...somehow wetshaving helps you find money to make purchases. Strangely, in your case this new found money may correlate with a thinner waistline. But, its just a correlation and as we say correlation is not causation!
HOld on NOW!!!!! What decoder ring thingy??? maybe that's why I have a hard time with some of the acronyms!!!! :a17:
Nice job George! Welcome to the forum and all the fun you're going to have with the choices in front of you for brushes, creams, aftershaves, yahoo!

That article wasn't the catalyst for my switch, I was already on the way when I came across it. It was however another push toward me getting into wet shaving.
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