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WTB: RazoRock HAWK

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I have been on a SE kick recently and been reading too many threads in the SE section about the HAWK. Well my RAD is kicking up. I told the wife that these are only $35 on Amazon but she has told me I am spending too much. I'm hoping that one of you guys bought one and want to get rid of it.
How could my wife say no to a deal?

I'll be looking at offers and hopefully will settle this weekend.
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You're probably aware but IB has the satin silver model in stock right now for $25. With the added shipping it gets pretty close to the amazing price but that may just give you cause to order $60 worth of stuff!
Tell her that when the zombie apocalypse comes, money will be worthless and usable trade goods will be like gold.

That never worked for me, but you might be more convincing than I.
Save your money, spend elsewhere! Hawk...blah...
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