FS WR2 .95 SB polished with WRH2 and OneBlade Genesis Copper LE

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    Gents, I'm offering two of my most beautiful razors for your consideration:

    Wolfman WR2
    I've managed to pick up a 1.05 WR2, so I'm letting go of my WR2 .95 SB in pristine condition.

    Not looking for any profit here, just to get back what I paid, which is 680 USD / 605 EUR.

    OneBlade Genesis
    OneBlade Genesis in the limited 18k Rose Gold edition. It is #110 out of 115 units ever produced. Sold out and unobtainium. New, these were USD 699 at OneBlade.

    I have only used it 4 times so far, but I don't like to be forced to use the Feather blades, I just can't get comfy shaves out of them. It is in absolute new condition!

    Again, not looking for profit, just to get back most of what I paid: 670 USD / 600 EUR.

    Shipping within the EU is on me. Rest of the world is 30 USD / 25 EUR.

    No trades this time please!

    IMG_3238.jpg IMG_3239.jpg IMG_3240.jpg Rt5JATA.jpg
  1. Wolfman reserved until 9 pm CET today!
  2. Those Wolfman razors have large blade gaps and that’s always made me wonder how they shave with the higher gaps of 1.05, 1.15 and 1.25.
  3. Sold pending funds.
  4. Wolfman is sold.

    OneBlade still available.
  5. One and only price drop on the OneBlade to EUR 550.

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