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FS Wolfman WR2-SB, 0.95 mm gap / WHR1 (Solid), 80 mm handle / Stainless Steel / Basic Polish

I just took receipt of another Wolfman WR2 @ 1.05 MM gap. I prefer the positive blade exposure of the larger gap, so I'm offering this Wolfman WR2-SB, 0.95 mm gap, for sale. The razor is in excellent condition, with a few minor scratches on the head from normal usage. I'm sure this could be polished out if so desired. This is a VERY efficient and smooth razor. Perfect for daily shaving with no irritation.

  • WR2 - solid bar @ 0.95 mm gap
  • WHR1 (Solid) 80 mm handle
  • Stainless steel with basic polish
I'm selling for the retail price of $375 via PayPal G&S. I'm not marking up or gouging; I am trying to recover what I paid. If you know anything about this razor, there is a long waitlist, so Wolfman's are scarce and highly sought after. The price includes shipping.

Thanks for looking.




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