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Williams Ice Blue

Finally, I got around to use this cream. The consistency is very strange, it seems more like liquid soap than a regular cream. Do any of you guys have the same experience, or something happened while it was stored?

The performance is very good, lathers easily and seems to moisturize very effectively. The scent is nothing special, maybe a bit like the deodorant of the same brand.

Don't pay too much attention to the name: the cream is not "icy", nor blue :biggrin:.
So far, it seems to be a very good performer. Any one of you guys tried this already?
Yep i have a tube upstairs.

I bought it in Spain a couple months ago for 2.20Euros.

It smells very much like nivea shaving gel, which I really like.

Mine is also very liquidy, not very creamy, which is probably why I need to use more to get the lather of a Trumpers cream for example.

I really like it and its very good value. If I saw it in a shop again I would definitely buy another one.

P.S. I got the +50ml gratis too!
No menthol effect at all, I don't care for the scent, and the consistency is exactly what the other two gentlemen said. Not a bad cream but there are better ones.
I have used it and agree with what others have said. It is a decent, inexpensive cream. It comes out the tube a bit runny but makes good lather, excellent slickness. I'd buy it again without hesitation if I saw it in a shop in Europe but it isnt worth the cost of buying it and shipping it to the States.
I picked up some Williams cream in France a few years ago. It's a nice cream.


Wish it were more readily available.
I use this stuff, less than €4,00 per tube in Spain - it's one of my 'Keepers' A match made in heaven when followed up with Williams Expert Aqua Velva
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