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Finally got my Merkur HD. Shaved with it about an hour ago, used the Merkur blade that came with it. What a great shave. BBS, with no irritation. I'm anxious to try a Derby blade in it as I thought the Merkur blade was kind of "meh" in relation to smoothness. Anyone else here not too enamored with Merkur blades?
It is generally thought that Merkur blades, unlike their razors, are of rather poor quality. I tend to agree.
I got the same reaction to Merkur blades when I first joined B&B and immediately stopped using them. My results improved. However, not too long ago I revisted them and with good prep and technique found them to be more than adequate and probably good. Only the expense puts me off.
I'm thinking my disliking them stemmed from inexperience. I immediatley put them down after the dragging on my beard but I'm planning on going back and trying them when I've completely worked through my sampler pack.
I found my Merkur an ideal razor to begin DE shaving with. If I were you I would purchase a selection of different blades and find which works best for you. The temptation for me was to go out and buy a selection of vintage DE razors. However try and stick with the one razor until your get your technique down. I found that easier because it provided a consistent set up with which to practise my blade angle, not applying pressure etc.

Merkur blades suck. I find that Derbys are consistantly good, in fact its the only blade i buy these days.

I had the same experience. The Merkur blades pulled, and dragged the 1st shave, the way a Derby blade does at the end of it's life. I couldn't even finish the shave with the Merkur, and promptly switched it for a Derby.

Part of that could have been technique, as I was only about 5 or so shaves in at that point, but I am not about to purchase the very expensive Merkur blades again just to verify this is true. Fortunately, the ones I had came as part of a blade sampler with my Merkur 38C. :biggrin:
I don't really mind the quality of Merkur blades however I don't feel they are worth the price. There are quite a few blades that are a far better deal for the money IMO. :smile:
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