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Wholly Kaw Fragrances

Hey guys,

In case you can't tell, I'm just looking for another daily wear. I don't need to remind some of my love affair with a King (of Oud) but reviews of Wholly Kaw fragrances seem few and far between, finding none at all for KOO. Oud in what will soon be South Carolina heat and humidity? Why not.

I'm assuming, hoping, that the fragrances are crafted as well as the scents in their other products. I know they do make some edp concentrations, but with a note like oud, I'm thinking the edt will suffice insofar as strength and longevity.

Any reviews on KOO or other Wholly Kaw frags? Opinions on them, in general?
I've got the KOO EDT and love it. Lasts all day for me and smells beautiful. Bought it a couple years ago, so not sure if they've changed at all in the meantime though.

Yes, they included a stroopwafel which I devoured immediately

I'll start by saying that, to my nose, the edt is a bit different than the soap. It's quite powdery and more floral. Very 'oriental', with a heady, incensey head and nose feel reminiscent of something like YSL Opium and not for the faint of heart, just the same! Possibly even not dissimilar to the original Old Spice, I'm talking about the one that was marketed to women. In fact, I quite like it, but it's definitely a little 'old lady'... Very potent! I've used one spritz on my chest while getting dressed for work. Too early to tell much, but I do quite like it. I'll let it dry it's thing and report back.
It's mid day and while projection has died down, it still has plenty of strength. Again, it's still quite powdery and floral and I can't help but keep being reminded of the original Old Spice, the perfume, the stuff from the 30s. Funny, I had thought about tracking down another bottle but now I won't need to. I quite like it. I don't even know what real oud smells like, I don't think many people do, I'll just describe this as a floral oriental.
I dunno if the warmer weather brought it out, but I sprayed a little on each shoulder this morning before getting dressed and it was bright, floral and terrific! It doesn't seem as powdery today, I dunno, maybe my nose is off. Either way, there's no need for parfum strength, as a spritz or two lasts all day and leaves your clothes smelling marvelous. Bergamot and lemon top notes were far more apparent and fairly lasting, at least the 'idea of the brighter top notes.

Got a great compliment from my ex who I bumped into at work, is that a good or a bad thing? :eek2:
I promise I'm not just trying to bump my posts, guys lol

Not sure what happened with my nose the other day. Another comes to mind, Pecksniff's Oriental Woody, which probably is in the running for worst name for anything ever, but I finally remembered as to what else it reminded me of. Performed well in the SC (start of) heat, nice wafts all day and lovely smelling clothes to take off. One spritz, upper chest, out of the shower, right beforej dressing

Buy it again? Maybe? It's pretty nice. Definitely in the oriental, woodsy, ambery chypre genre...whatever that is! However, it mostly makes me want to try other WK scents. What do people think of them, in general? Fougere Bouquet looks interesting as a warm weather scent, too, not that I care that season it really is (the physical state of SC doesn't seem to, either)
Almost a month now and I've been wearing it every day

It's very well behaved even in the now warm weather we're having, it doesn't get cloying and stuffy like some frags of this genre can when the temps rise. Projection isn't huge, but longevity and tenacity are still there; only you and your close one will pick it up after half the day. Until then, the sillage is moderate. It does take on slightly different characteristics at times, not sure of it's due to the temp change, at times it's more powdery than others, but not annoyingly so. Women seem to like it, as well. Hey, compliments from pretty ladies never hurt my feelings any

All in all, if you like the soap, it's definitely worth the price I paid. It's not tremendously cheap, but I think it's crafted well enough to demand that price point. It's much more complex than, say, Stirling...that's not a knock on them, fwiw. However, I'd suggest a sample first as the edt does have slightly different, although complimentary character. I've never even smelled real oud (although I'm quite curious), but I imagine the nose feel and headiness of this one isn't tremendously far off

Also, the balm is great, as well, and has fairly strong scent compared to many. It's a thicker lotion type balm, a little goes a long way. I can't say enough about the soap, I think you guys are probably convinced I work for them, by now
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