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Wholly Crap Scad Man......

I decided to clean out my shave den today, and do a little organizing. Wholly crap! I think I need to slow down, what do you guys think, am I insane?
Cheers, DJ.
letterk said:
Nice travel kit.

ROTF; now that's funny. I'm actually more impressed wth the organization of the collection. My HD and soap aren't here yet and I have no idea where to put any of it. Finally found a shelf small enough to put beside the sink.
I like those shelves. We have the same ones in our living room! I'll have to promote them to shave den use when we move things around next!
Well, I for one am not at all dully impressed...

I mean, come now, only TEN brushes ?!

You can't even make it through one whole month with only TEN measly brushes!


Now, that is what I call some loot!

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